2014 Donor List

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Access Midstream, Oklahoma City

Gayle and Darrell Ackerman, Erin in memory of our son Rick Shaw

Eleanor Ackerson, Elmira

Jeff and Kelly Adams, Elmira Heights

Gary and Rosemary Adams, Pine City

Anita and Lee Adelsberg, Elmira

Louis and Virginia Adessa, Horseheads in memory of Mark Adessa

Nick and Missy Ahearn, Horseheads in memory of Jack Schultz

Larry and Yvonne Albee, Elmira

Don and Bev Allen, Pine City

Barbara J. Allen, Horseheads

Ronald and Terry Allison, Elmira

Dorothy M. Ames, Elmira

Charles A. Andrew, Horseheads

Alberta Andrus, Horseheads

Anonymous Anonymous, Elmira

Marjorie Atkinson, Horseheads

Robert Baker, Horseheads

Bud and Linda Baker, Mansfield

Mary Baldwin, Horseheads

Mark and Mary Banfield, Chester Springs

Virginia H. Bastian, Horseheads in memory of Lee and Dorothy Huyler and Kevin P. Jones

David G. Battle, Horseheads

Chuck and Mary Beechey, Big Flats in memory of Norah

Margaret Bellizia, Horseheads

Bellohusen Orthodontics, Elmira

Joseph and Mary J. Belloma, Elmira

Anthony M. Belloma, Elmira in memory of Frank Belloma

Joyce and Earl Benedict, Elmira

Joyce and Earl Benedict, Elmira in memory of Carolyn A Walton

Dick and Dory Benesh, Horseheads

Ted Bennett, Elmira

Cheryl L. Bennett, Elmira in memory of Frank Gush

Megan A. Bergquist-Neal, Horseheads

Elizabeth Berliner, Elmira Heights

Elizabeth Berliner, Elmira Heights in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Gary and Adrienne Bernhardt, Elmira

Best Friends Pet Cemetery, Elmira

Betty J. Better, Horseheads

Big Flats Lions Club #8112, Big Flats

Chester and Mary Blanchard, Horseheads in memory of Michelle

Lyle and Bernice Blauvelt, Elmira

Frank and Patricia Bohart, Elmira

Martha R. Boland, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Harold and Carolyn Bossard, Elmira

Boughton Family

Joan Bradt, Elmira

Jim and Carol Brady, Elmira

James and Roxanne Bravo, Elmira

Mildred A. Brennan, Pine Valley

Richard and Rae Brigger, Horseheads

Lauren and Barbara Briggs, Horseheads

Theresa Brinthaupt, Horseheads in memory of Bob and Jim Brinthaupt

Donald L. Brooks Jr., Elmira

Jim and Barb Brown, Pine City

Franklin and Claire Brown, Buchanan in memory of John D. Brown

Donald Bruner, Fort Myers

Michael Bubnis in memory of Carolyn A. Walton

Jean Buckley, Horseheads in memory of Paul and Bill

Francis Budney, Horseheads

Denise A. Buono, Pine City in memory of Edward Kauffman

Charles and Cheryl Burch, Horseheads

Linda Burke, Horseheads in memory of Charles “Ken” Burke

John and Linda Burke, Horseheads

Kenneth A. Burket, Horseheads

Naomi R. Burnham and Family, Horseheads in memory of Leroy Burnham, Kris Cooper, Mike Burt

Richard and Anna Burritt, Millport

Bev and Twig Busch, Elmira

Margaret B. Bush, Horseheads

Wayne H. Bushey in memory of Mary E. Juriga

Ron and Beatrice H. Butcher, Horseheads

Mark Butler, Elmira

Bob and Judy Butler, Elmira

Virginia Kent Butray, Horseheads

Jacqueline L. Caccia, Galeton in memory of Parents

John Caccia, Elmira

Joseph and Mary Calabucci, Penn Yan in memory of Thomas Sandore

Cameron Mfg. and Design Inc., Horseheads

Norvall and Mary Campbell, Elmira

Robert and Mary Ann Cannioto, Horseheads

Roe and Ron Cantando, Elmira in memory of Joanne Bellinger

Capt. Clarence R. Oliver Post #154, Elmira Heights

Bill and Pam Caroscio, Elmira

Gordon and Janice Carpenter, Elmira

Phil and Lynda Carpentier, Elmira

Susanne M. Carrier, Horseheads in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Duke and Wendy Carroll, Elmira in memory of Mary Juriga

Ken and Jeri Cartwright, Elmira

Karen and Joseph Caruso, Newburgh

Donald Case, Venice

Helen K. Cassada, Elmira Heights

Bob and Caryl Cavalier, Elmira

Evelyn Cavallaro, Elmira

Joe Cavallaro in memory of mother Henrietta and aunt Margaret

William and Pamela Cavaluzzi, Horseheads

Tony and Charlotte T. Cavaluzzi, Horseheads

Marion Cerio, Elmira

Anna Cerio, Elmira

Andrew Cesari, Elmira

Lorraine W. Chaapel, Elmira

Betty F. Chalk, Fort Myers in memory of Robert A Chalk

Dick and Bea Chamberlain, Palm Harbor

Sharon Chapman, Horseheads

Mary Alice and Bob Chase, Horseheads in memory of Devlin and Almon Families

Chemung County Children’s Integrated Services, Elmira

Chemung County Csea 6350, Elmira

Children and Family Services Division Chemung County Dept. Of Social Services, Elmira

Chemung County Scu, Elmira in memory of James Lee Palmer

Nwtf Chemung Valley Ridgerunners, Wellsburg

Chemung Valley Street Rods, Elmira

William and Mary Chervenak, Big Flats

Kathleen C. Clark, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

Jon K. Clark, Mansfield

James J. Cleary, Jr, Elmira

Louis and Michelina Coccagnia, Elmira in memory of Christopher David Brown

Hayward and Beverly Coldiron, East Smithfield

Dan and Bernadette Collins, Pine City

Gerald and Diane Collins, Elmira

Elizabeth Collum, Tioga

Richard Comstock, Wellsburg

Gregory Cook, Pine City

John C. Cook, Elmira

Scott, Chris, Connor and Ben Cook, Elmira

John H. Cook Painting Contractor, Elmira

Robert and Denise Coon, Horseheads

David M. Correll, Sr., Elmira in memory of Clifford Cross, Sr., Clayton Cross, Sr All Wounded Warriors

Charles K. Cortright, Belhaven in memory of Fred and Inez Keener

Jessie Councilman

Richard Cox, Elmira

Linda Cozad, Elmira

R N. Crews, Plainfield in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Nadine B. Crippen, Alpine in honor of her Family

Clarence and Aloa Croke, Millport

Diane and Walter Crooker, Horseheads

Crystal Chords Of Harmony, Inc, Corning

Joseph A. Cumming, Elmira

Bob and Sue Cunningham, Elmira

Dorothy Cunnings, Elmira in memory of my Parents: Dorothy and Bill Skebey

John and Anna Mae Curren, Gillett

Robert and Marilyn A. Cusick, Elmira

David and Marilyn R. Dalrymple, Rock Stream

Jim and Lois S. Dalrymple, Horseheads

Alfred Dalrymple and Judith Pearce, Horseheads in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Alfred Dalrymple and Judith Pearce, Horseheads

William A. Danaher, Horseheads

Gerry and Jimmy Dandrea, Elmira

Tom D’Angelo, Horseheads

Ronald A. Davidson, Horseheads

Francis P. Dean in memory of Robert D. Lagonegro

Don and Loretta, Tammy, Sally Deane, Elmira in memory of Chuck and Jeanette Deane, James and Kate Janeski

Lynie Debeer, Addison

Deister and Butler, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

John and Judith Dekay, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

William and Linda Delaney, Elmira

John V. Demarchis, Big Flats

Teresa Demember and Family, Elmira in honor of Ralph and Milllie Demember

Dolores T. Demott, Elmira

Anna W. Dennington, Horseheads

Geraldine Derenzo, Elmira in honor of Great Grand children Bren, Ava, Sean and Austin

Dee and Tony Desocio, Elmira

Jim Devens, New Dimensions Salon, Elmira

Sylvia Devitt, Elmira in memory of Gerald G. Lynch

Joy and Larry Doane, Elmira

Timothy and Janine Doane, Elmira Heights

Jim and Patricia Y Donnelly in memory of Thomas Sandore

Double Aught Lumber Inc, Owego in memory of Joe Palmer

William and Mary Dougherty, Elmira

David P. Dozack, Elmira

Bob and Rose Drake, Pine City in memory of The Drake and Wildrick Families

Douglas, Kathy and John Draxler, Mansfield in memory of The Draxler, Coleman and Santarone Families

Regina Duffy, Elmira

Herb and Dori Dunham, Millerton

Diane Dunham, Elmira in memory of my Husband

Richard G. Dytman, Elmira

Ron and Jackie Eakin, Horseheads

Marcia Earley, Elmira

Charlotte Echevarria, Horseheads

Robert E. Eckler, Horseheads

Stephen and Marylou Eckler, Horseheads

Paula S. Edelmann, Elmira

Harry and Marilyn Edwards, Elmira in memory of Geri Van Houten, Mary Layton, Dan Denkenberger

John A. Elliott, Millport

Lawrence and Susan Ellison, Elmira

Elmira Cleveland Browns Backers, Elmira in memory of Wayne Hope

Elmira Professional Firefighters, Elmira

Elmira Structures Inc, Elmira

Kyle and Karen Erickson, Elmira

Alice and Bill Erickson, Elmira

Jackie Ermold, Horseheads

Walter Ersly, Horseheads in memory of daughter Linda Lee

Jeffrey W. Etkind, Elmira

Dick and Nancy Evans, Elmira in memory of Steven and Hazel Kreisler and Francis and Florence Evans

Fagan Engineers and Land Surveyors, Elmira

Richard G. Farnham and Family, Horseheads

Pamela Farr and Samara Farr Gromer, Big Flats

Kathleen A. Fennell, Elmira

Jim and Michelle Fife, Erin in memory of Alfred, Eva and Dolly Fife and Regina Wolcott

Richard and Joyce Finch, Pine City

Anne M. Fitzpatrick, Elmira

King and Teresa M. Fitzpatrick, Big Flats

Gail Nugent and Ron Fleischer in memory of Mary Juriga

Fleming Family, Elmira in memory of Thomas Sandore

Barry Fletcher, Elmira

June A. Ford, Pine City

Steven and Linda Forrest, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

John S. Forrest, Elmira

Robert A. Forte, Elmira in memory of our Parents

Rebecca M. Frank, Horseheads in memory of Jane Bellinger

Daniel and Jean Fraser, Horseheads

Tom and Lee Friedrich, Elmira

Nancy L. Friedrich, Elmira

Bill and Bobbi Furnas, Elmira

Neil J. Galpin, Elmira

Brian Gamper, Elmira in memory of Marie Fleming

Verna M. Garrett, Sebring

Russell and Valerie G. Gay, Elmira

Ralph and Bonnie Gestwicki, Elmira

Rocco and Theresa Giammichele, Elmira

Rocky A. Giammichele, Elmira

William and Hether Gillette, Horseheads

Mary Ginardi, Elmira

Glen Regional Corvett Club, Elmira

Stephen D. Golden, Elmira

Golden Glow Vol. Fire Co. Women’s Auxiliary, Elmira

Nancy Golomb, Corning

Golos Printing Inc., Elmira

Lynne Gott in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Tom and Carol Gough, Horseheads

Grace Episcopal Church, Elmira

James and Kathleen Graham, Elmira

Allan and Joan Granger, Horseheads

Edward Greatsinger, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Hank M. Green, Van Etten

Mark and Judy Greven, Pine City

Peter Greven, Elmira

Gridley Landscaping, Big Flats in memory of Allen “Kent” Coombs

Brien and Marguerite Grieco, Elmira

David R. Grier, Elmira

Sandy Griffes, Elmira

Pauline E. Griswold, Horseheads

Durland H. Griswold, Horseheads

Linda Grover, Erin

Charles and Lois Grund, Elmira

Rose F. Gublo, Elmira

Mary Guinane, Elmira

Elma M. Haddad, Horseheads

Richard G. Haldeman Family, Elmira

Hale Contracting Inc, Horseheads

Shirley I. Hall, Pine City

Boyd and Shirley Hamilton, Horseheads

Esther Hammond, Horseheads

Hard Hit Productions, Elmira

Gregory and Berneice Haskell, Chemung in memory of The Dailey and Haskell Families

David A. Hatch in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Michael and Margaret Haupt, Elmira in memory of Karen

Raymond E. Hayes, Elmira

Marie E. Heher, Horseheads in memory of Tom Sandore

John and Mary Ellen Heins, Horseheads

Gail and John Heitmann, Big Flats

John D. Helfinstine, Big Flats

George and Sharon Hendrix, Elmira

Joel and Terry A. Hennigan, Horseheads

Wayne K. Hicks, Elmira

Sandy Hill, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Charles G. Hill, Jr, Madison

Carl Hockeborn, Horseheads

Sandra and David Hogancamp, Pine City in memory of Tom Sandore

Kathryn E. Holden, Largo in memory of Eldon C. Kasper

Randy and Kim Holden Iii, Horseheads

Paul and Denise Holland, Elmira

Gerald and Florence Holloway, Elmira

Andy and Collin Holloway, Pine City

Richard and Anne Holmes, Pine City

Pat Holmstrom, Horseheads in memory of Paul C. Mattison (father)

Jean D. Holter, Morgantown in memory of Mary E. Juriga

Kay and Don Holtz, Pine City

Holy Family Catholic School Parent Association

Craig and Linda Honhorst, Horseheads

William Hopkins, Elmira

Bruce Hotter, Millerton

Karin and Reeve P. Howland, Elmira

Hugh J. Hoy, Sarasota

Andrew and Megan Hubbard, Avoca

Mary Hucul, Millport in memory of Ivan Hucul

Robert Huddle, Sr., Elmira

Edwin K. Huffner, Pine City

Barbara Hull, Big Flats

John C. Humphries, Elmira

Al and Sharlene Huntley, Horseheads

Jean Hurley, Elmira

Andrew P. Jarvis, Sayre

Stanley R. Jayne, Van Etten

Timothy and Deborah Jennings, Albany

Mary E. Jerram, Pine City

Gordon H. Johnson, Oldtown in horor of EFA Class Of 1953

Elizabeth Morgan Jones, Corning

Lorraine A. Joyce in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Nicky Judson, Columbia Cr Rds

Vincent and Judith Kadlec, Horseheads

Martin and Alice Kain, Elmira

Kurt and Cynthia Kalweit, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

Lucy A. Kamas, Horseheads in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Shannah Kamas, Horseheads

Gerald M. Kamas

Daniel P. Kane, Elmira

Patrick and Mary Kane, Horseheads

Richard and Madelynne Kankus, Elmira

Jan Kather, Elmira Heights

Pat and Mary Keeler, Horseheads in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Janice M. Keller, Elmira

Walter Kelly and Carolyn Spencer, Elmira

Richard and Marcia Kimball, Pine City

Janice Kinney, Horseheads in memory of Charles Kinney

Mark and Mary Klinger, Elmira

Charles Klugo, Elmira

Charles E. and Brenda L. Knoll, Horseheads

Frances D. Kobbe, Canton

Donna Koehler, Horseheads in memory of husband Ernest

Stephanie Kohan, Jeffrey, Jennifer and Iris, Horseheads in memory of Grandparents

Joe and Madeline Kosmicki, Elmira

Bob and Marianne Kosty, Horseheads in memory of Charles and Catherine Kosty and Carmello and Florence Ruocco

Ted and Ann Kozlowski, Horseheads

Jeanne M. Krause, Horseheads in memory of Bob Krause

Harold L. Krause, Wellsburg

Jonathan and Debra Kravitz, Elmira

Jerry and Judy Kriner, Elmira

Mark Kroczynski, Plantation

Leo Krolak, Elmira

Richard J. Kuehner, Horseheads

Kenneth M. Kunaniec in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Bob and Karin Kurcoba, Elmira

Laurene Lagonegro, New Orleans in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Sharon and Fred Lambert, Elmira Heights in memory of Mark and Fran Touschner

Elizabeth J. Lambert, Elmira

Elaine Landon, Elmira

Julie and Bob Lantz, Pine City

Jeanne M. Larson, Elmira in memory of Nana and Family

Jim and Mary Ann Larson, Elmira

Michael Lavarnway, Elmira

Michael Lavarnway, Elmira

Don Lerario, Elmira

Debbie Lester, Elmira

Stephen Lewis and Paula Bubacz, Horseheads

Lighthouse Liquors and Wines Of Southport, Elmira

Barry and Lee Marie Linchuck Family, Elmira

Linda L. Lintz, Horseheads

Elvira Lisi, Elmira

Donna Little, Horseheads

Frances and Stephen Littlefield in memory of Albert and Frances Dunkle

Yong Liu, Horseheads

William and Barbara Lock, Horseheads

Chuck and Teresa Lockner, Elmira

Barbara A. Lockner, Elmira

Shirley M. Lord, Elmira

Larry Lovell, Elmira

Deborah M. Lowe, Elmira

Jim, Bunnie, and Heather Lynch, Horseheads

James and Carrollann Lynch, Elmira in memory of William Stamp

Elizabeth and Nicholas Lynough, Elmira in memory of Grandfather Edward F. Steele

Sandy and Rosemary Macdonald, Grand Rapids

Joseph Magno, Elmira in memory of my Wife

Shirley J. Maguire, Elmira in memory of James and Nan Maguire

Tom and Pat Mailey, Horseheads

Joe Maio, Elmira

Jim and Diana Maker, Elmira

Lavern and Joann Mallacoccio, Elmira

Joseph C. Mallory and Gail Palmer, Elmira

Maggie Maloney, Amherst

Carol Manchester, Wellsburg in memory of Butch Manchester

Charlotte and Lee Manikowski, Elmira

Mary H. Mann, Elmira Heights

Alice Manning, Pine City in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Manning Ladies, Elmira in memory of aunt Ruthie Manning

Isaiah Manwaring, Millport

Tom and Esther Margeit, Horseheads

James and Patricia Mark, Horseheads

Mark Twain Barbershop Chorus, Lodi

Joseph and Patricia Marker, Wellburg

William R. Marks, Pine City in memory of Dave Carey and Bob Litchfield

William R. Marks, Pine City in memory of Deceased Classmates Southside High School 1965

George and Margaret Martin, Elmira in memory of Mr and Mrs James Martin and Mr and Mrs James Shelton

George and Margaret Martin, Elmira in memory of Sisters: Clara, Mary Beatrice, Carolyn and Donna

Sharon A. Mashanic, Elmira in memory of Edith Johnson

Mike and Carol Masin, Breesport

Martin and Toni Mason, Elmira in memory of Anna and Leo Gaine

Linda S. Masone, Elmira in memory of Robert Lagonegro

Beverly A. Mathew, Elmira

David and Dorothy Matison, Horseheads

Mary Ellen Maycumber, Elmira in memory of husband and Son

Seven Sisters BandB Jayne and Gene Mays in memory of Mary Juriga

William E. McCann, Elmira

Joyce A. McCann, Elmira

John and Marjorie McCarthy, Elmira

Thomas P. McCarthy, Horseheads

Ronald McCluskey, Horseheads

Alma McCoy, Pine City

James J McGann, Elmira

Kathleen K. McGee, Seneca in memory of Al and Mina Kittle

Megan L. McGurgan, Horseheads

Kevin and Eileen McInerny, Elmira in memory of Thomas McInerny

James and Judith McIntosh, Horseheads

Douglas McKane, Elmira

Daniel P. McKenrick, Pine City in memory of Sharon Mc Kenrick

Carol and Bill S. McKenzie, Elmira

Dennis and Maureen McKernan, Pine City

John and Deb McKibbin, Erin

Teresa and Mike M. McManus, Elmira

Michael and Connie McNamara, Wellsboro

Michael and Connie McNamara, Wellsboro

Kathy and Gene McNulty, Horseheads

Medco Health Solutions, Paramus

Sandra and Mark Mentuck, Horseheads

Robert and Kathleen Meriwether, Elmira

Philomena Messina, Elmira in memory of Anthony Messina

David and Janis Messing, Pine City

Suzanne Mettler, Elmira Heights in memory of Donald and Frances Mettler

Joseph and Alyce Michalko, Elmira

Beverly Michalko in memory of Stephen Michalko

Mickinkles, Elmira

Rick and Joann Milazzo, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

Bud Miles, Murfreesboro in memory of Bob Lagonegro

Steven Milford, Elmira

Joseph, Maria, Alyssa and Alexis Militello, Horseheads

Katherine V. Miller

Richard and Kathy Miller, Elmira

Howard and Carolyn Miller, Horseheads

Jake, Bonnie and Johnny Miller, Horseheads

Ralph and Shirley E. Miller, Horseheads

Warren K. Miller, Horseheads

Ann M. Miller, Melbourne in memory of Quinn Miller Family

Ann Millhollen, Elmira

Phyllis E. Moffat, Elmira

Thomas and Ana Moffe, Springfield in memory of William Stamp

Chuck and Flossie Moffe, Jr, Elmira

Peter Monitello, Pine City

Maddox and Hayden Montanye

Patricia Moore, Horseheads

Ralph and Carolyn Moore, Elmira

Ron and Jean Moore, Horseheads

Fred and Mary Morgan, Elmira

Joann R. Morgan, Elmira in memory of Kelly Morgan, Daughter

Delores Morgan, Elmira

Mary Ellen Morgan, Dundee From Dean and Mary Ellen Tolbert in memory of Janet Catherine Tolbert

Francis and Miskey Morris, Horseheads in honor of Mark Morris

John Morrison, Elmira

Harold and Luana Mortensen, Elmira

Betty B. Moshier, Horseheads in memory of Charles Moshier

Jeremiah P. Moynihan in memory of Robert Lagonegro

Jack and Marilyn B. Mullaney, Horseheads

Joe and Mary Margaret Murphy, Elmira in memory of Tony Della Sala

Denise J. Mustico, Elmira in memory of Jennifer Mustico

Wayne and Wanda Myers, Horseheads

Joe and Dolly Naida, Elmira

Barbara Nail, Horseheads

Jeremy and Angela ( Kosmicki ) Narosky, Elmira

Anthony P. Negri, Elmira

Douglas and Carolyn Nelson, Pine City

Gary and Donna Nelson, Horseheads

Lester and Margery Newell, Horseheads

Tim and Pam Newton, Pine City in memory of Ben Newton

Nancy E. Nicastro, Horseheads in honor of Carol K.

Jane Nichols

Bradley J. Nicholson, Elmira Heights

Robert and Mary Nickerson, Horseheads

Richard and Sandra Niles, Hammondsport

James and Cheryl M. Niver, Pine City

Bill and Mary Norton, Elmira

Dorene C. Novick, Elmira

Melvin and Connie Oakes, Elmira

Michael O’Connor and Jessica Sours, Horseheads

Jerry and Louise O’Dell, Pine City

Glenn Odom, Elmira

Kathy O’Herron, Elmira

Terrence O’Herron, Horseheads

Susan L. Olthof, Elmira

Karen, Jim and Jeni Osborn, Elmira

Kevin and Judy O’Shea, Elmira

Irene H. Ostrander and Diane Plouse, Elmira

Derek Owen, Horseheads

Jane F. Palmer, Millport

Brian C. Pappalardo, Elmira

Rita Pappalardo, Elmira

Robert Johnson and Joy Parker, Elmira

Randy and Melissa Parker, Horseheads

Carol D. Parker, Elmira

Geraldand Virginia Parkhouse, Elmira

Party Central, Horseheads

Denise A. Pastore, Horseheads in memory of Donald Pastore

Marcus and Diane Patelunas, Elmira

Donna Peel, Sayre in memory of my husband Othar Peel and Mother, Alice Boston

Beverly J J. Pelling, Horseheads

Claire A. Perez in memory of Robert Lagonegro

Susan Perkins, Lowman

Matthew C. Perry, Elmira

Doug and Judy Peters, Breesport

Ronald L. Peters, Big Flats

Carl and Nancy Peters, Beaver Dams

Walter A. Petriwsky, Elmira

Robert Petzke, Lowman

Dennis M. Pierce, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

Marianne Pietrzyk, Acton

John and Rita Polk, Elmira in memory of Son, Brad

Jerry Pooley, Elmira in memory of Paul and Eloise Pooley

Ronald and Susan Potrzebowski, Horseheads

Phillip and Edytha Potter, Beggs

John and Trudy Potter, Elmira

Michael Powers, Horseheads

William Querry, Elmira

Donald and Joanne G. Quick, Elmira

Robert E. Rafferty, Elmira

Bill and Carol A. Raplee, Pine City in memory of John M. Sullivan

Nancy Ray, Horseheads

Patricia S. Recard, Horseheads in memory of Dick Recard

Al and Linda Redner, Big Flats

Mary Flo Reed, Elmira

Anna L. Reger, Elmira

Ron and Nancy Rehner, Elmira

Jim and Ruth Reinhart, Pine City

Charles L. Reinhart, Jr, Pine City

Delores Rhode, Elmira in memory of my husband Paul Rhode and Family

Judith Ripley, Elmira

Lee and Vivian Robbins, Elmira

Amy Rodabaugh, Horseheads in memory of Brent Rodabaugh

Stephen C. Roe, Elmira

Carl and Karen Romans, Horseheads in memory of Derek Michael Lake

Mary W. Rosenberg, Elmira

Rotary Club Of Elmira Heights, Elmira Heights

Joyce Rumsey, Horseheads

Robert Rundall, Horseheads

Thomas and Elaine C. Rupp, Elmira

Nancy A Russo, Elmira

Alan and Phyllis Ryder, Big Flats

Greenbush – Big Buck Club, Erin

S.A.L. Squadron, Elmira

John and Nancy Sabatini, Horseheads

Maureen Saccucci, Elmira

Joseph J. Sandore in memory of Tom Sandore

Bob and Sarah Sandore, Lee Center in memory of Robert A. Sandore

Tom and Patti J. Santulli, Elmira

Joseph and Debbie Savino, Pine City

Gary Saxton, Elmira

Lucille E. Sayles, Pine City

Gerald F. Scanlan, Elmira in memory of Howard Fox

Janice G. Scanlon, Horseheads in memory of Patrick Scanlon

Jacqueline Scarpi, Pine City in memory of John Scarpi and Francis McDonald

Philip and Stephanie Scherer, Millerton in memory of Chester A Scherer, John J. Scherer and Mary A Babb

Joe and Corky Schiefen, Elmira in honor of Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

Jay Schissell and Jeri Wall, Erin

Carole J. Schlock, Elmira

John and Mary Schmidt, Elmira Heights

Dick and Marge Schornstheimer, Elmira

Mark and Paula Schuller, Elmira

Greg and Barb Schultz, Horseheads

William Schweizer, Elmira

Larue M. Seeley, Elmira

Tom and Pat Seem, Big Flats in memory of Don and Tedo Seem Former Arctic League President Dick Seem and Margaret and  Sandy Seem

Elmer H. Selby, Jr, Horseheads

Seneca Beverage, Elmira in memory of Tom Sandore

Nicholas Senkiw, Elmira in memory of my wife Esther

Penny and Charlie Shaffer, Elmira

Carolee and Larry Sherman, Elmira

Deloris D. Sherwood, Horseheads

Rita J. Shetler, Pine Valley in memory of Ron Shetler

Bill and Laura Siebold, Horseheads in memory of Don

Lynn A Silsbee, Elmira

Nancy Simons, Horseheads

Barbara and Milton Simpson, Horseheads

Merle Sinko, Elmira

Davidand Doris Siskin, Elmira in memory of Carl Proper

Jack and Phyllis Slocum, Horseheads

Roy E. Slusser, Pine City

Nancy A. Small in memory of Stanley Small

Jean and Thomas Smetanka, Horseheads

Karen and Lauren Smith, Big Flats

Beverly Smith, Elmira Heights

Gayle M. Smith, Horseheads

Frances Smith, Elmira

John Snyder, New Orleans

Richard Sokolowski, Horseheads

Members and Friends Solutions Credit Union, Elmira in memory of Edward (terry) Stanton

Southern Tier Pediatrics, Elmira

Michael and Donna Spaziani, Elmira in memory of Of our Dads: Augie and Frank

Steve and Melody Spencer, Horseheads

Craig and Marylou Spencer, Foxmoor Farm, Horseheads

Mark Spirawk, Elmira

St Joseph’s Hospital Alumni Assoc, Elmira in memory of Bob Lagonegro

St. Mathews Episcopal Church, Horseheads

Marilyn J. Stansfield, Breesport in memory of Leonard and Margaret Gray

Al and Ginny F. Stanton, Elmira

Priscilla R. Steed, Elmira

William and Margaret Steed, Pine City

Eleanor Steele, Elmira

Howard Stein, Oakland in memory of Aaron Stein

Jerald and Myra Stemerman, Elmira in memory of Sheldon Herman

Alfred A. Stermer, Elmira

Harry Stewart, Elmira

Charles and Peggy Streeter Jr., Elmira

Martin J. Strong, Elmira in memory of Bob and Marge Strong and Robert, Amber Tupper “the Eternal Butterfly”

John E. Sullivan, Horseheads

Carol Sullivan, Elmira in memory of Dick Sullivan

Jerome Sullivan, Corning

Sullivan Trail Construction Co., Elmira

Elizabeth C. Sutton, Horseheads

John R. Sutton, Horseheads

James A. Swarthout, Horseheads in memory of our Parents

Nancy Swartwood, Elmira

Gilbert and Mrs. Harriet Sweet, Corning

Joseph and Kathleen Szerszen, Pine City

Keith L. Taber, Sr, Sayre

Dale and Linda Taft, Pine City

Dale and Danice Tanner, Horseheads in memory of Lindsey Tanner Brown

Lewis E. Taylor, Pine City in honor of Betty Taylor

Richard and Elizabeth Taylor, Hector in honor of 12 Grand Children

Donald Temple, Horseheads

Marilyn Terkoski, Elmira

Robert and Linda Terry, Ithaca

The Bocage Family, Pine City

The “Elves” The Christmas House, Elmira

James Theopheles, Horseheads

Bill and Viv Thomas, Horseheads

Art and Connie Thompson, Elmira

Alice Thorn, Horseheads

Mary L. Tigue, Big Flats

John Tompkins, Elmira

Dennis and Leslie Trembley, Watkins Glen

Charles and Nancy Trimm, Horseheads

Joseph and Janet Trosino, Pine City

Claire A. Tucciarone, Chittenango in memory of Thomas Sandore

Thomas P. Tuohy in memory of Carolyn Walton

Twin Tiers Vintage Car Club Inc, Big Flats

Daniel and Sharon Ungvarsky, Pine City

U E Local 329 United Elec, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, Elmira

Marshall Updike, Horseheads

John and Krista Niles Updyke, Horseheads

Betty L. Van Curren Empson, Elmira

Debra Van Delinder, Elmira

James and Ruth D. Van Horn, Pine City

Duane and Lois Vanarkel, Pine City

Lula M. Vantassel, Elmira

Rosemary Vert, Elmira in memory of Patrick and Jennie Monahan

Alex and Nathan Vesneske, Horseheads

Don Vesneske, Elmira in memory of Rose Vesneske

Ann and Larry Vetter, Hornell in memory of Jack and Margaret Battersby

Loraine S. Von Hendy

Lynsey J. Wagner, Horseheads

Linda Waite, Horseheads in memory of Joe Waite

Robert M Wallace, Henrietta

Robert Walsh, Columbia Cross Roads in memory of Mary Jane Walsh

James and Suzanne Wardwell, Alpine

Debra and Bob Watts, Elmira

Webb Mills Volunteer   Fire Dept, Pine City

Joyce L. Weideman, Elmira Heights

Everett Weiermiller, Elmira

Shirley Weiland, Lowman in memory of Scott Weiland

William K. Weingartner, Horseheads

Joann and Bruce Welch, Pine City in memory of Thomas Sandore

Harry and Leone Welch, Pine City

Paddy S. Welles, Horseheads

Jeffrey S. Welliver, Sr., Elmira

Kenneth and Phyllis Wells, Horseheads

Wellsburg Vol Fire Dept Aux, Wellsburg

Rita H. Westervelt, Elmira in memory of husband Arnie Westervelt

Gordon and Nancy Wetherbee, Pine City

William and Marjorie R. Whalen, Horseheads

Wendy J. Wheadon, Elmira

Evesta M. Wheet, Elmira

Nancy J. Whitaker, Horseheads

White Eagleclub, Elmira

James J. Wilber, Elmira in memory of Jane Wilber

Richard and Diane Wilbur, Pine City

Jay and Mary Lou Williams, Pine City in memory of Tom Sandore

Dana Marlene Williams in memory of my Mother

Ila C. Williams, Horseheads

Williams Companies Charity Challenge, Towanda

June Wilson, Elmira in memory of Mom and Dad

Douglas R. D. Wilson, Pine City

Jackie Wilson, Elmira in memory of mother Helen Wilson

Mark S. Wilson, Fairport

Alan and Maria Winston, Elmira

Mike and Karen Wisniewski, Parsippany

Joseph S. Wisniewski, III, Ellicott City

Judy Wittman, Horseheads

Carol and Bernard Wojnarek, Horseheads

Denny and Mary Wolfe, Wellsburg

Diane Wood, Elmira

Richard and Virginia Woodhouse, Elmira

Joan and Gordon Woodworth, Big Flats

Carol B. Woughter, Pine City

Linda Wright, Elmira in memory of Marc and Helen Wright

Thomas J. Wylie, Elmira in memory of Thomas Sandore

Harvey and Claudia Youker, Horseheads

James Young, Horseheads

Pam Yunis, Elmira

Mary Helen Yunis, Elmira

Yunis Realty, Elmira

Don and Peggy Zelko, Horseheads

Nancy M. Zito, Elmira in memory of Thomas Sandore