2018 Donor List

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Richard and Mary Lou Ackley, Elmira
Rosemary Adams, Pine City
Anita and Lee Adelsberg, Elmira
Larry and Yvonne Albee, Hammondsport
Don M. Alexander, Elmira
Joe and Mary Ellen Allegretto, Elmira
Carole J. Allen, Elmira in memory of Don Allen
Rich and Vivian Allington, Pine City
Delta Kappa Gamma Alpha Rho Chapter, Big Flats
Edmister Amanda, Jay and Nicholas, Elmira
Margretta and Eric Ameigh, Hershey
Alberta Andrus, Horseheads
Anonymous in honor of Glenn and Theresa’s Grandchildren
Anonymous in memory of John R. Garey and the Staff of Downtown Kelly Drug Co.
Anonymous in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Busen
Mary Evans Armstrong, Elmira
Marjorie Atkinson, Horseheads in memory of Lester Atkinson
Stan and Linda Baerham, Elmira in memory of Mike and Ruth Konkus
Charlene Baldwin, Elmira
Madelyn Balok, Pine City
Taylor Barrows, Elmira
Martin Beebe, Elmira Heights
Chuck and Mary Beechey, Big Flats in memory of Norah
Betty Bement, Painted Post
Mary Ellen Benedict, Elmira in memory of Raymond E. Benedict
Ted Bennett, Elmira
Pat and Joy P. Bermingham, Elmira
Emily Bernhardt, Olney
Dorothy and John Berry, Elmira
Bezotte Family, Pine City
Tom and Edie Billingsley, Elmira
Frank and Pat Bohart, Elmira
Ronald and Deborah Bohlayer, Sr., Prattsburg
Curtis, Linda and Brian Bolden, Horseheads
Wayne and Bonnie Borden, Elmira
Jim and Carol Brady, Elmira
Duane and Marge Bravo, Elmira
Don and Becky Brimmer, Pine City in memory of son, Scott
John Brinthaupt, Horseheads
Janice and Lloyd Brown, Elmira
Jim and Barb E. Brown, Pine City
Walter J. Brudnik, III, Gillett in memory of Fred Benjamin and Mike Zepp
Tom and Pat Bruner, Pine City in memory of Herbert and Helen Bruner and Harry and Clara Mordue
Wayne and Ann Bryant, Horseheads
Annette M. Bubacz, Pine City
John and Dorothy Burge, Elmira
John and Linda Burke, Horseheads
Bob and Judy Butler, Elmira
Virginia Kent Butray, Horseheads
Joseph Calderone, Horseheads
Paul and Susan Campbell, Erin
Paul and Susan Campbell, Erin in memory of Katherine Anderson
Mary Ann and Robert Cannioto, Horseheads
Tawny Card and Michael McDonald, Pine City in memory of Albert Peterson and Edward McDonald
Mary Jane Carl, Elmira
Dana A. Carpenter, Elmira
Dwight M. Carpenter, Hammondsport
Phil and Lynda Carpentier, Elmira
Art and Victoria Casey, Port Jervis in memory of Theresa Lisi Manzari
James Casselberry, Sr, Elmira
Caryl J. Cavalier, Elmira
Edward R. Cavaluzzi, Elmira
William and Pamela Cavaluzzi, Horseheads
Cemecon Inc., Horseheads
Marion Cerio, Elmira
Jack Chambers, Canandaigua
Council #82 Local #3978 Chemung County Corrections, Elmira
Chemung County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Elmira
Chemung Valley Old Timers Assn, Millport
Richard and Christine Chouinard, Montour Falls
Nancy Cloke, Elmira
Judith and David Clovsky
Marvyl Cockrell in memory of Thomas Murphy
Berry and Kathy H. Cokely, Geneva
Hayward and Beverly Coldiron, East Smithfield
James Coles, Jr., Corning in memory of James and Virginia Coles
William J. Coletta, Pine City in memory of Charles and Mary Hanes
Frank and Judith Collins, Irvine in memory of Vern Bonsignore
Richard and Susie Comstock, Wellsburg
Christopher Connolly, Easton in memory of R. P. Seem Family
R. Kenneth Connolly, Easton
Patricia Cook, Elmira
Philip and Jill Cooper, Gillett
Dennis and Verna Correll, Montoursville in memory of David Correll, Sr.
Dennis and Mary Ellen Coseo, Elmira
Clarence and Aloa Croke, Millport
Diane and Walter Crooker, Horseheads
Martha Cuer, Lowman
Jan Cummings, Elmira in memory of Jim and Ceil Cummings
Robert and Marilyn A. Cusick, Elmira in memory of Walter and Vera Michalko
Barbara Dailey, Horseheads in memory of my Husband, Bernard Dailey
Candace Danaher
Tom D’Angelo, Horseheads
Marshall Davis, Elmira
Tonya, Patricia and Theodore, III DeLige, Elmira in memory of Theodore DeLige, Jr.
Mark and Julie Delgrosso, Elmira in memory of Bill McCann
Kalee Depue, Horseheads
Anthony C. Desocio, Elmira for The Desocio Family
Sylvia Devitt, Elmira in memory of Gerald G. Lynch
William and Patricia Dick, Big Flats
Timothy and Janine Doane, Elmira
Joanne and Mike Doherty Family, Horseheads
Milford Doland, Wellsburg
Kenneth and Marlene Douglas, Cape Coral in memory of Jack Moore and Rex Good
Bob and Rose Drake, Pine City
Daniel and Rose Drake, Wellsburg
Bill and Judi Driscoll, Horseheads
Richard and Roslyn Dubois, Horseheads
Joe and Theresa Duffy, Elmira
Deborah Dunbar, Horseheads in memory of my Dad, Robert A. Sandore
Diane Dunham, Elmira
Audrey Dunlap, Horseheads
Marcia Earley, Elmira in honor of Grandkids
Timothy and Mary Jane Eckel, Pine City
Christy Edkin, Elmira in memory of Marci and Lew Jenkins
Richard and Bonnie Edwards, Palmyra in memory of Duke Beverly and Scott Beverly
Jacqueline H. Egger, Horseheads in memory of Frank Kocourek
Steve and Elaine Eller, Elmira
Charles and Lucinda Ellis, Horseheads
Lawrence and Susan Ellison, Elmira
Norma Elston, Pine City
Betty L. Empson, Elmira
Alice and Bill Erickson, Elmira
Larry Bacon and Pat Estelle, Elmira in Loving Memory of P. T. Estelle
Mary Evans, Elmira in memory of John Evans, Sr.
Gloria E. Ewsuk, Elmira Heights
Dick and Jan Farnsworth, Elmira
Jacqueline Feldmann and Family, Elmira
Susan E. Fermer, Corning
Thomas Finnerty, Elmira
Donald Fischer
Teresa M. Fitzpatrick, Big Flats in honor of parents Tony and Connie Disanto; Ted and Helen Fitzpatrick
June A. Ford, Pine City
Brenda Forrest, Elmira in memory of Mom and Dad, Joe and Arlene
Judith Forrest, Elmira
Joyce C. Francis, Montour Falls in memory of William K. Francis
Jacquelyn, Jennifer Alvaro and John Sorino French, Elmira in memory of Carmen Sorino
Nancy L. Friedrich, Elmira
Herbert C. Furman Ii, Millerton in memory of Millie Furman
Evelyn Germain, St Augustine, in memory of Les and Jo Breese
Ron and Pat German, Wellsburg
Rocco Giammichele, Elmira in memory of Theresa Giammichele
Rocky A. Giammichele, Elmira
Richard and Billie Gilchrist, Pine City
Gloria Giles, Lowman
John and Tom Gill, Elmira
Gina C. Golden, Elmira
Golden Glow Women’s Auxiliary, Elmira
Nancy Golomb, Corning
Tom and Carol Gough, Horseheads
Henry and Joyce M. Green, Van Etten in memory of Bill Gallow
David and Lynda Grier, Elmira
Pauline E. Griswold, Horseheads
Carl and Pat Gross, Horseheads
Linda and Coral Grover, Erin
Kathy Gunderman, Pine City
Jerry F. Hackathorn, Wellsburg
Mary Rose Hackathorn, Elmira in memory of Grace and Daniel Notartomaso
Cynthia H. Haigh, Elmira
Mary Hamlin, Elmira in memory of Ron Hamlin
Rich and Linda Hart, Horseheads
John and Carol V. Healey, Horseheads
John and Carol M. Healey, Horseheads
Employee In-Plant Fund Hilliard Corp, Elmira
Thomas and Maureen Hoffmann, Horseheads
Don Holloway, Pine City in honor of children and Grandchild
Kaye and Don Holtz, Pine City
Charles J. Hoskins, Washington
Tammy Howe, Collierville, in memory of Stepfather, Ron Hamlin
Hugh J. Hoy, Sarasota, in memory of Margaret Hoy
Frances A. Hubbard, Horseheads
Charlotte A. Hugg, Elmira in memory of Bill Hugg, Mike Westlake, Dick Berleue, Jim Wilber, Ray Sylvester
Ann and Bill Irwin, Elmira
Paul W. Janowski, Elmira in memory of Marjorie Tolbert
Pat Johnson
Martin and Alice Kain, Elmira
Kevin and Kelly Kamas, Horseheads
Laurence and Diane Kasper, Columbia Cross Roads, in honor of All Artic League Volunteers
Pat and Mary Keeler, Horseheads
Janice M. Keller, Elmira
Kevin and Joan Kelly, Boyton Beach, in memory of Sheldon Herman
Walter Kelly and Carolyn Spencer, Elmira
Robert A. Kimbell, Elmira in memory of Dolores Kimbell and Hattie Kimbell
Denise King and Jim Twombly, Elmira
Mark and Mary Klinger, Elmira
Ted and Ann Kozlowski, Horseheads
Harold L and Jackie I L. Krause, Wellsburg
Jeanne M. Krause, Horseheads in memory of Bob Krause, Ted and Elsie Plate and Kathy Gardner
Jeanne M. Krause, Horseheads in memory of Dale Plate and Terry Tarr
Richard J. Kuehner, Horseheads
KV Engineering PLLC, Horseheads
Lady Raiders Softball, Horseheads
Laurene Lagonegro, New Orleans
Patricia and Thomas Lamb, Elmira
Robert and Maribeth Lambert
Julie and Bob Lantz, Pine City
Anne and James Larrabee, Elmira
Mary Ann Leonard, Michael John Munroe, Adam and Ethan Sheets, Gillett, in memory of Chief Joe and Anna
Fern Leopold, Elmira
Frank J. Lepa, Horseheads
Gene and Mary Liquori, Elmira
Sandra J. Little, Lowman in memory of Kenneth Little and Raymond Durfee
Local 97, Council 82 AFSCME Retiree Chapter
Bill and Barbara Lock, Horseheads
Charles R. Lockner, Elmira
Sharon and Jerome Lofstrom, Pine City
Hazel Lombardi, Elmira
Arlene M. Lundquest, Elmira in memory of James W. Lundquest
Jim, Bunnie, and Heather Lynch, Horseheads
Sandy and Rose Macdonald, Grand Rapids
Bernard Mackowiak, Pine City
Joseph C. Mallory and Gail Palmer, Elmira
Carol Manchester, Wellsburg
Tom and Maxine Manning, Elmira
James and Patricia Mark, Horseheads
John and Linda Marks, Elmira
Carol Masin, Breesport
Martin and Toni Mason, Elmira in memory of Leo and Anna Guinane
David and Joyce Mathes
Robert and Barbara A. Mattison, Pine City
Joyce A. McCann, Elmira in memory of William McCann
Pat and Colleen McCann, Elmira
Ron and Cindy J. McCluskey, Horseheads
Jane G. McComis, Waverly
Kimberly McConnell
Larry McCormick, Elmira
John and Jerri McDonald, Wellsburg
Douglas McKane, Elmira
Theresa McLane, Fort Mill
Mary McLaughlin and Rex Dilmore, Elmira
Jennifer McManus, East Syracuse
Mike and Teresa McManus, Elmira
Jim and Jayne H. McMillen, Horseheads in memory of Mollie Dawley
Betty M. McNaney, Elmira
Peggy Melville, Elmira
Beverly Michalko Family, Horseheads in memory of Stephen Michalko
Rick Miller, Elmira
Marcia L. Milner, Elmira
John and Carol A. Mirando, Elmira in memory of John and Virginia Mirando and Al and Mary C. Cicconi
Monumental Baptist Church, Elmira
David Moore, Sr., Elmira
Bernie and Carol Morey, Park Station Boarding Kennel, Erin
Dean and Mary Ellen Morgan, Dundee, in memory of Granddaughter, Janet Katherine Tolbert
Ian Morrell
Bob and Judy Morrow
Donald and Roberta Morse, Horseheads in memory of William McCann
Harold Mortensen, Elmira
Kitty Muccigrosso, Lake Wylie
Joe and Mary Margaret Murphy, Elmira in memory of Tony Della Sala
Denise J. Mustico, Elmira in memory of Jennifer Mustico
Diane Myers
Barbara Nail, Horseheads
Eric and Jill Marie R. Nelson, Horseheads
Benedict Nitche, Horseheads
Rick, Sue, Joe, Sadie and Max Norman, Pine City
Michael and Janice Norton, Elmira
Emma R. Novotny, Elmira
Diane L. Nuss, Elmira
Renee Olin, Horseheads
Orthodontic Associates of the Southern Tier, PC, Elmira
Charles and Andrea Paggio, Elmira
Robert Petzke, Lowman
David and Lynn Pirozzolo, Elmira
Jim and Mary Pirozzolo, Horseheads
Joe and Jeri Place, Elmira
Jerry Pooley, Elmira in memory of Paul and Eloise Pooley
Edytha B. Potter, Mounds
Linda Proper, Elmira in memory of Carl Proper
Queen City Temple 146, Elmira
Donald and Joanne G. Quick, Elmira
Phil and Carolyn Rafferty, Pine City
Michael T. Raniewicz, Horseheads
Stu and Pat Rankin, Horseheads in honor of Four Grandchildren and Two Great Grandchildren
Ron and Joann Rathbun and Family, Horseheads
Nancy Ray, Horseheads
John W. Reed, Horseheads
Thomas Reidy, Elmira
Amanda Renko
Ron Rhoads, Painted Post
David J. Ridosh, Elmira
Joella Riker, Elmira in memory of Alois, Evadne and Jeff Riker
Timothy Robbins, Chesapeake
Allen and Marleen Robinson, the Villages
Kathy and David Robinson, Zephyrhills
Patricia G. Roche, Elmira Heights
Mary Jane and Glenn Rolls, Elmira
Mary Rose, Dundee
John R. Roussell, Elizabethtown
Sylvia W. Roy, Gillett
Kathy Rundle, Elmira
The Rustici Family, Elmira
Rose M. Sabatini, Elmira
Maureen Saccucci, Elmira in memory of Ron Saccucci
Bob and Sarah Sandore, Lee Center, in memory of Robert A. Sandore
Nick and Mimi Santone, Elmira
Richard C. Sauerzopf, Horseheads
Linda M. Savino, Horseheads
Tom and Joyce Savino, Horseheads
Patrick J. Saxe, Elmira
Lucille E. Sayles
Mary Kay Scanlin
Thomas A. Schoneman, Elmira
Dick and Marge Schornstheimer, Elmira
Theresa Schrom, Elmira
Larue M. Seeley, Mounds in memory of Jean Peterson
Josephine Seymour, Waverly
Penny and Charlie Shaffer, Elmira
David J. Sheen, Pine City
Carolyn G. Shults, Millport
Frank Siecieska, Big Flats
Rick Simons, Hector
Merle and Theresa Sinko, Elmira
Phyllis Sinsabaugh, Elmira Heights, in memory of Bob Sinsabaugh, Husband
Derek Skinner, Breesport
Phyllis Slocum, Horseheads
Arthur, Katherine and Andrew N. Smith, Horseheads
Gordon and Lorraine Smith, Corning
Joe Smith, Elmira
Richard Smith, Pine City
Gladys and Richard Sokolowski
Southern Tier Custom Fabrics, Elmira
Cheryl Spear, Elmira
Craig and Mary Lou Spencer, Horseheads
Ronald Squires, Corning
Theresa Stanley, Ithaca
Jan M. Stanton, Elmira
Steed Family, Elmira in memory of Jeff Alexander
Elizabeth Stein, Horseheads
Alfred A. Stermer, Elmira
Pat Stewart, Elmira in memory of Anna Dougherty
Jonathon Stoner, Lowman
Jerry H. Storch, Elmira
John and Eleanor Sullivan, Horseheads
Martin and Patricia Sullivan
Michael Sullivan, Marcy, in memory of Charles, Wealtha and Jean
Elizabeth A. Swanson, Elmira
Gail and Connie Sweeney, Elmira in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney
Keith L. Taber, Sr, Athens, in memory of Fred and Elizabeth Lewis
Richard and Elizabeth Taylor
Frances, Harry, Roy, Thelma, Larry W. Tice, Horseheads
Ellen T. Tracy, Elmira
John and Janice Travis, Dundee
Bonnie J. Tressler, Horseheads
William and Judith Vaananen, Horseheads
Van Houten Fund Raising Co., Elmira
Eleanor Vater, Elmira
John and Bobbie J. Vence, Elmira
Rudy and Gail Veruto, Pine City
Marilyn Vetukevic, Elmira in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vetukevic
Kirk and Barb Vieselmeyer, Horseheads
Mert and Judy Voorhees, Elmira Heights
Gary L. Vought and Vought Construction, Waverly in memory of Lewis and Sara Randall
Wasicki Family, Elmira
Rita T. Wayne, Rochester, in memory of my Husband, Bill and my Brothers, Bernard and Paul
Harry and Leone Welch, Pine City
Kenneth Wells Family, Horseheads in memory of Kenneth Wells
West Elmira Volunteer Fire Dept, Elmira
Rita H. Westervelt, Horseheads
William and Marjorie R. Whalen, Horseheads
Jim and Sharon Wheeler, Elmira
The White Eagles Club, Elmira
Earl and Denise Whitty, Elmira
Cornelia C. Wiegert, Henrietta
Jerry and Barb Wilber, Pine City
Linda and Charles Wilke, Big Flats
Jay and Mary Lou Williams, Pine City
Jim Wilson, Elmira
Jane Winters, Elmira
Bernie and Carol Wojnarek, Horseheads
Joan and Gordon Woodworth, Big Flats
Mary Kay Woodworth, Horseheads in memory of James H. Corey
Regina Wright, Elmira
Susan Wronkoski, Breesport in memory of Edward and Louise Wronkoski
David Wylie, Elmira in memory of Wife, Elizabeth
Thomas and Marley Wylie, Elmira
Jackie Yanowiak Cloake
Harvey and Claudia Youker, Horseheads
Diane J. Yusko, Elmira in memory of Christopher Yusko, Recently Deceased
Kathleen, Inman, Elmira, in memory of loved ones
John & Judith Arikian, Elmira
John & Ann O’Mara, Horseheads
Jon Clark, Mansfield
Billie Bennett, Beaver Dams
Lois Gridley, Horseheads
Dr. Daniel Fisher, Sun City Ctr., FL
Kevin & Judith O’Shea, Elmira
Callahan Construction, Elmira
Patrick & Diane Callahan, Elmira
Julia Lavarnway, Elmira
Thomas & Patricia Santulli, Elmira
Dale Utter, Big Flats
Bradley Nicholson, Elmira Heights
Lyle & Viola Blauvelt, Elmira
Elmira Area Retired Teachers, Pine City
Donna Noteware, Hammondsport
Anita Saxe, Horseheads
Margaret Emmick, Elmira
Chemung Valley Street Rods, Elmira
Gerald & Judith Kriner, Elmira
Genetta Carter, Elmira, in memory of Jackie Carter
Jacqueline & Ronald Eakin, Horseheads
Charles Hill, Madison, WI
Mary Baldwin, Horseheads
Charles Andrew, Horseheads
Thomas Miller, Elmira
Daniel & Jeanette Fraser, Horseheads
Linda & Kevin Dickinson, Hammondsport
Clifford & Virginia Conklin, Wellsburg
United Methodist Women, Horseheads Methodist Church, Horseheads
Webb Mill Volunteer Fire Department
Joan Pisher, Elmira, in memory of Catherine and Fred Cady, and Ann Bennett
Wanda Harbol, Pine City, in memory of my husband Robert and daughter, Deborah Dickinson
Russell & Carolyn Gridley, Big Flats, in memory of “Kent” Coombs and Milton Adams
Marian “Mel” Losito, Elmira
Al & Ginny Stanton, N. Fort Myers, FL
Ted & Jean Horigan, Pine City
Mary Ellen Maycumber, Elmira, in memory of my husband and son
Scott Keister, Horseheads, in honor of Betty Keister
Dan McKenrick, Pine City, in memory of Sharon McKenrick
Donald & Maryann Bruner, Ft. Myers, FL
Helen Palmer, Elmira Heights
Kevin & Eileen McInerny, Elmira, in memory of Thomas McInerny
Richard & Bonnie Edwards, Palmyra, VA, in memory of Reeve & Evelyn Edwards
Marian Oldroyd, Elmira Heights
Horseheads Women of the Moose, Chapter 1832, Horseheads
Marge Taft, Elmira, in memory of John Taft
The Bob Russell Family, Wellsburg
June Gustin, in memory of Bill Gustin
Elmira High School & the EHS Student Council, Holiday Door Decorating Contest
Employees of Navient, Horseheads
Lucinda Austin, Breesport
Jon and Sandy Bauer, Pine City
Robin Bauer, Watkins Glen
Margaret Bellizia, Horseheads
Big Buck Club, Erin in memory of Garry Earl
Dolores and John S. Boedicker, Elmira
Dennis P. Brueckman, Pine City
Daniel P. Bubacz, Mount Joy
Linda Burke, Horseheads in memory of Charles “Ken” Burke
Ralph W. Burnham in memory of Richard and Rosalie Telech
Scott and Lisa Bush, Elmira in memory of Deeloures, Jeffrey and Arnold Rosenberg
John Caccia, Elmira in memory of Wife, Victoria
Cameron Mfg. and Design Inc., Horseheads
Deborah Campanelli
Hector and Jane Campbell, Virginia Beach
Jennifer Capandonis, Elmira
Bill Caroscio, Elmira
Karen Caruso
Shaun Castle, Alexandria
Lorraine W. Chaapel, Elmira
Dick and Bea Chamberlain, Palm Harbor
Chikabee Farm in memory of Patricia “Nana” Roman and Theresa “Babci” Andrzejczyk
Fritz and Mary Alice Clark, Elmira
James J. Cleary, Jr, Elmira
Louis Coccagnia, Elmira in memory of Christopher David Brown
Gerald and Diane Collins, Elmira
James R. Combs, Jaffrey in memory of Eric Combs
Joseph Comfort
Kathleen L. Coons, Rochester in memory of my Mother, Geraldine Salmon
Emma Corbalan
Andrew and Helen Courtney, Painted Post in memory of David Courtney
Richard Cox, Elmira
William Cristofaro, Horseheads
Stefan Czerwinski, Harlingen
Joe and Betty Danaher, Elmira
Philip Daubner, Elmira
Demarest Parkway Association, Elmira in honor of Mrs. Maxine Burroughs, our Holiday Party Host
Teresa Demember, Elmira
Dee Demott, Elmira
Keith and Doris Dennison, Elmira Heights
Sandra Dixon, Elmira
Ralph W. Dutrow, McLean
Deborah and Gene Ebbrecht, Elmira
Timothy and Mary Jane Eckel, Pine City
Virginia Ehemann in honor of Bernadette Cleary Drew
Deborah K. Fero, Bath
Jim and Michelle Fife and Family, Erin in memory of Al, Eva and Dolly Fife, Jim Fife Jr., Henry Stanton, Regina Wolcott
Bob Forte, Elmira
Terry Fox in honor of Grandchildren Vanessa, Braedon, William, Cahlin and Camden
Mary Ginardi, Elmira
Susan Glosenger, Horseheads
Joan Granger, Horseheads in memory of Allan Granger
Peter Greven, Elmira
Shawn Habecker, Elmira in memory of Larry Habecker
Nancy and Charles Hable, Elmira
Greg and Berneice Haskell, Chemung in memory of Dailey and Haskell Families
Peter Haskell, Elmira
Jerry and Flossie Holloway, Elmira
Pat Holmstrom, Horseheads
Alva Huntley, Horseheads
Phyllis Iszard, Carmel, IN, in memory of William Iszard
Nick and Shirley Jannett, Ozark
Jeff Jerzak
Jeffrey Jerzak, Pine City
Gorden and Shelby H. Johnson, Oldtown in memory of Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Johnson
Mary Kane, Horseheads in memory of Patrick Kane
David and Kathleen Karski, Elmira
Jonathan and Tifanie Keough, Elmira
Richard and Marcia Kimball, Elmira
J Kirby, Elmira in memory of Mr. And Mrs. F. Andrew McLaughlin
Eric and Jill Koski, Elmira
Angela Kosmicki in memory of Bill McCann
Chuck and Sandy Kottwitz Jr., Pine City
William Krolak
Bob and Karen Kurcoba, Elmira
Betty J. Lambert, Elmira
Gary Lapointe
Frank and Adele Laviola, Fort Myers
Terence Lenhardt
Stephen Lewis and Paula Bubacz, Horseheads
Laurie Liberatore, Elmira
Mark, Cynthia and Olivia Gee Lippa, Tioga
Barbara A. Lockner, Elmira
Joe Losito and Family, Olathe
Merrill and Lydia Lynn, Big Flats
Beau Mashewske, Elmira
John May
Kathleen McGee
Ann M. McHenry, Elmira
Bill and Annie McLaughlin, Horseheads
Sara Jane Meisner, Athens
Steven Milford, Elmira
Joseph, Marie, Alyssa, Alexis Militello, Horseheads
Josh and Jenn Miller, Elmira
Ann Millhollen, Elmira
Chuck and Flossie Moffe, Jr, Elmira in memory of Manning and Moffe Families
Patricia Moore, Horseheads
Ronald K. Moore, Horseheads
Jack and Sherry Morrison, Elmira
Sharon Mull, Elmira Heights
Tim and Pam Newton, Pine City in memory of our Son, Ben Newton
Dick and Sandra Niles, Hammondsport
Johnathon Noviello in memory of Mary Noviello and Phyllis Hall
Patrick Y. O’Brien, Horseheads
Jane F. Palmer, Horseheads
Carol D. Parker, Elmira
Matt and Joy Perry, Elmira
Doug and Judy Peters, Breesport
Eleanor Peterson, Elmira
Anita L. Phillips, Elmira in memory of Husband, David L. Phillips and Daughter, Jennifer L. Phillips
Rena Pierce, Elmira
John and Rita Polk, Elmira in memory of our Son, Brad
Brian Pratt in memory of Former Band Members, Skip Layton and Norm Limbacher
Elaine Proko, Anaheim
Stephen A. Pryslak
Deborah A. and James F. Roberts, San Diego
Matthew Rosno, Horseheads
Thomas and Elaine C. Rupp, Elmira
Alan Ryder, Big Flats
Nancy Sabatini, Horseheads in memory of John Sabatini
Diane Scagliola with Extreme Gratitude for All the Dedication and Hard Work by The Nurses At Family Services And Glove House
Janice G. Scanlon, Horseheads
Jacqueline Scarpi, Pine City in memory of John Scarpi and Francis and Margaret McDonald
Jay Schissell, Erin
Andrea and Eric Seymour, Elmira
Stephen, Cheryl, Ryan and Jeremy Silvernail, Elmira
Matt Sonsire, Horseheads
Bill and Peggy Steed, Pine City
Jerald and Myra Stemerman, Elmira
Mark Stemerman and Tracey Norman and Family, Elmira
Vincent Stepulis, Pine City
Jeffrey B. Streeter and Barbara J. Yunis, Elmira
John Sullivan
Jake Swanson
Gil and Harriet Sweet, Corning
Joseph and Kathleen Szerszen, Pine City
Mary Ann Teeter, Elmira in memory of Max and Betty Teeter
Ruth E. Teeter, Athens
John Tompkins, Horseheads
Ruth Toney
Debra Van Delinder, Elmira
Stephanie Vangesen, Beaver Dams in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James and Miriam Steck from Grandaughter Alana Marie Steck
Bill and Debbie Vanriper, Lowman in memory of very special Brother-In-Law, Mick Balok
Kelly Vaughn
Rosemary Vert, Elmira in memory of Patrick and Jennie Monahan
Tom and Marisa Weisenfluh, Elmira
Stephen M. Whalen
Jason Whong in honor of Star-Gazette Employees, Past and Present
Richard and Diane Wilbur, Pine City
Terry Wilson
Kimberly Windell, Pine City
George H. Winner, Elmira
Karen Wisniewski
Earl and Sally Wright, Horseheads in memory of Robert Wright
Nancy M. Zito, Elmira in honor of Linda Sugnet and Jerry RiceJen, Bill, Lauryn and Morgan in memory of Debra Johnson
Louis Adessa, Horseheads in memory of Mark Adessa
Nick and Missy Ahearn, Horseheads in memory of Jack Schultz
Robert C. Albee III, Elmira in memory of Phyllis Albee
Kathleen Aldrich, Elmira
Ronald and Terry Allison, Elmira
Ambit Energy, Plano TX
Riders Account, American Legion Post 442, Horseheads
Bentley-Trumble Unit 442 American Legion Auxiliary, Horseheads
American Legion Post 442, Horseheads
American Legion Post 442, Horseheads, Bingo Account
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Elmira
Alan H. Angell, Horseheads
Lou and Maryann Atkinson, Horseheads
Bill and Karen Bachman, Pine City
Patricia and Paul A. Baker, Elmira
Mark and Mary Banfield, Chester Springs in memory of Thomas and Doris Banfield; in memory of Thomas J. (Jack) Banfield
Lindsay Barrile, Elmira
David and Kris Battle, Horseheads in memory of Phil Brown, Jim Derico, Jim Heverly, and Michael Morrissey
Anthony M. Belloma, Elmira in memory of Frank Belloma
Joseph and Mary J. Belloma, Elmira
Earle N. Benedict, Elmira
Debra Benjamin, Elmira
Carl and Tish Berman, Elmira
Betty J. Better, Horseheads
Ralph L. Bloom, Elmira in memory of Ann and Norma Bloom
Harold and Carolyn Bossard, Elmira
Carol and James Bramble, Horseheads
James and Roxanne Bravo, Elmira in memory of Thomas and Marion Hmiel
Richard and Rae Brigger, Horseheads
Lauren and Barbara Briggs, Horseheads
Theresa Brinthaupt, Horseheads in memory of Robert and John Brinthaupt
David & Barb Brockway, Horseheads
David & Barb Brockway, Horseheads in memory of Tom Roe
Franklin and Claire Brown, Buchanan
Denise A. Buono, Pine City in memory of Edward Kauffman
Charles and Cheryl Burch, Horseheads in memory of Tom Roe
Louise Bush, Horseheads
Bob and Marie Butcher, Elmira
Ottavio and Maggi Campanella, Elmira
Norvall E. Campbell, Elmira
Rowena J. Campbell, Elmira
Gary L. Caparulo, Hornell in memory of Ester Sinkew
Janice Carpenter, Elmira
Duke and Wendy Carroll, Elmira
Duke and Wendy Carroll, Elmira in memory of James Wyckoff
Women of the Moose Chapter 1832, Horseheads in memory of Ray “Butch” Palmer
Mary Alice and Bob Chase, Horseheads in honor of Devlin and Almon Families
Chemung Co Children’s Integrated Services, Elmira in memory of Tommy Roe
Integrated Services Chemung County Children’s, Elmira
Mark and Mary Ellen Claypool, Horseheads
Cleary Family and Southside Pudgies Pizza, Elmira
Cleary Family and Southside Pudgies Pizza, Elmira in memory of Michael Cleary
Dan and Bernadette Collins, Pine City
Peggy and Larry Comereski, in memory of Lawrence and Josephine Comereski and Margaret Emanuel
We All Need Jesus Community Wesleyan Church, Horseheads
Robert and Nancy Comstock and Colleen M. Pollen, Horseheads
R. Kenneth Connolly, Easton
Scott, Chris, Connor and Ben Cook, Elmira
John H. Cook, Jr. Painting Contractors, Inc., Elmira
John J. Corsi, Elmira in memory of Edward Lincoln
Keri J. Cowl, Horseheads in honor of Ava Waters
Bonnie L. Cremer, Horseheads in memory of Tom Roe
Cruisin’ Buddies Rod Custom and Classic Car Club Inc, Vestal
Crystal Chords of Harmony Inc., Horseheads
Joseph A. Cumming, Elmira
Joan, Beth, Marilyn and Pat Cummings, Elmira in memory of Mom and Dad Skebey
Bob and Sue Cunningham, Elmira
Stephen P. Czarnecki, in memory of Katherine Lagonegro Castellino
David R. Dalrymple, Horseheads
Jim and Lois S. Dalrymple, Horseheads
Phil Daubner
Ron and Sally Davidson, Horseheads
William and Linda Delaney, Elmira
Joann Delany, Horseheads
Dan Demark, Elmira
Geraldine Derenzo, Elmira
Joy and Larry Doane, Elmira
Matt P. Donovan, Painted Post
William and Mary Dougherty, Elmira
Doug’s Fish Fry
Albert R. Draht, Pine City
Phyllis S. Drew, Horseheads
Joe and Theresa Duffy, Elmira in memory of Bill McCann
Keenan Eagen, Elmira
Edison High School Key Club, Elmira
Harry Edwards, Sr. Elmira in memory of Ken, Eddy, and Dan
Marilyn Edwards, Elmira, in memory of Mary and Geri Van Houghten
Elm Chevrolet, Inc., Elmira
Elm Chevrolet, Inc., Elmira in memory of William McCann
CMCW, Elmira City School District, Elmira
Elmira Elks BPOE #62, Elmira
Elmira High School Student Council, Elmira
Retired Officers Association Elmira Police Department, Horseheads
Elmira Professional Firefighters, Elmira
Elmira Structures Inc, Elmira
Walter T. Ersly, Horseheads in memory of Guyla and Linda Ersly
Richard G. Farnham and Family, Horseheads
Pamela Farr and Samara Farr Gromer, Big Flats
Agned A. Fawzy, Sayre in memory of Thomas D. Roe
Matthias and Ann Fennell, El Paso in memory of Katherine Lagonegro Castellino
Frank Fife, Elmira in memory of mother Clarisa Fife
David and Stephanie Fiorini, Horseheads
Anne M. Fitzpatrick, Elmira
James B. Flaws, Painted Post
Joseph and Ellen Foust, Granville Summit
Tom and Lee Friedrich, Elmira
Bill and Bobbi Furnas, Elmira
Gardner Road PTO Association, Horseheads
Verna M. Garrett, Sebring
Ralph and Bonnie Gestwicki, Elmira
Joseph Gizzi, Pine City
Stephen D. Golden, Elmira
Golos Printing Inc., Elmira Heights
M Goswick, Troy in memory of Thomas Roe
John and Ellie T. Gough, Horseheads
Jim and Kathy Graham, Elmira
Green Derby Cafe, Elmira
Mark and Judy Greven, Pine City
Richard M. Gridley, Elmira in memory of Lyman D. Gridley
Edward J. Gublo, Millport
Mary Guinane, Elmira
Guthrie Clinic, Sayre
Robert A. Guzman
Elma M. Haddad, Horseheads
Shirley J. Hamilton, Horseheads
Barb and David M. Harkness, Elmira
Raymond Hayes, Elmira
John and Mary Ellen Heins, Horseheads
John D. Helfinstine, Big Flats
Paul and Denise Holland, Elmira
Ron and Catherine Hollenbeck, Elmira
Richard and Anne Holmes, Pine City
Bill and Marion Hopkins, Elmira
Horseheads B.P.O.E. Lodge 2297, Horseheads
Mary Ellen Hotter, Millerton
Douglas W. Houper, Horseheads
Mary Hucul, Millport
Megan E. Huddle, Elmira
I.B.E.W. Local 139, Elmira
Laura J. Ingle, Elmira in memory of Joanne Coleman
Stanley R. Jayne, Van Etten
Nicky Judson, Columbia Cr Rds
Daniel and Joyce Kane, Elmira
Madelynne W. Kankus, Elmira in memory of Richard Kankus
Jan Kather, Elmira Heights
Theresa Kerbein, Elmira in memory of Thomas Roe
Josephine V. Knapp, Horseheads
Knights of Columbus, Raymond B. Hourihan Council # 229, Elmira
Stephanie, Jeffrey and Iris Kohan, Horseheads in memory of Grandparents
Audrey and Joseph Kopacz, Elmira
Joe and Madeline Kosmicki, Elmira
Bob and Marianne Kosty, Horseheads in memory of Charles and Catherine Kosty and Carmello and Florence Ruocco
John P. Ksionzyk, Elmira
Labella Golf Tournament, Elmira
Vincent and Colleen Ladelia and Family, Elmira
Laurene Lagonegro, New Orleans in memory of Katherine Lagonegro Castellino
Dirk Larson, Elmira
Jeanne M. Larson, Elmira in memory of Mary Sullivan and Children
Laurel Doll Club of PA, Gillett
Peter Lepont, Rochester
Larry Levanowitz, Mansfield
Lighthouse Liquors and Wines Of Southport, Elmira
Gregg and Kathy Lilley, Pine City in memory of Lawrence and Marie Lilley
Sue S. Lynough, Nick, Elizabeth, Isaac, Declan and Finn, in memory of Robert J. Lynough and Dr. and Mrs. Edward Steele
Ronald H. Macknight, Westfield in memory of Frank Cox
Tom and Patty Makovitch, Horseheads in memory of Shirley Makovitch
Lavern and Joann Mallacoccio, Elmira
Alison Mandel, Elmira in memory of Erik Krawczyk
Joe and Jackie P. Manning, Pine City in memory of Mike Morrissey
Tom and Esther Margeit, Horseheads
Marine Corps League Edward J. Brewer, Detachment, Horseheads
Mark Twain Barbershop Chorus, Burdett
Bill and Nancy R. Marks and Family, Pine City in memory of Dave Litch, Barney and Jim
George Martin, Elmira
David and Dorothy Matison, Horseheads
Phyllis McIntosh, Elmira in memory of Daughter, Cindy
John and Deb McKibbin, Erin
Sandra and Mark Mentuck, Horseheads
David and Janis Messing, Pine City
Suzanne Mettler, Elmira Heights in memory of Donald and Frances Mettler
Joseph and Alyce Michalko, Elmira
Paul Michalko, Fairport in memory of Walter and Vera Michalko
Warren K. Miller, Horseheads
Margaret J. Monitello, Pine City
Mickey and Fran Morris, Horseheads in memory of Son, Mark
Mt Nebo Lodge 82, Elmira
Joe and Dolly Naida, Elmira
Jim and Dee Nati, Pine City
Jo Ann Nearing, Troy
Gary and Donna Nelson, Horseheads
Lester and Margery Newell, Horseheads
Nancy E. Nicastro, Horseheads
Robert and Mary Nickerson, Horseheads
Bill and Mary Norton, Elmira
Lawrence G. Nuss, Leesburg in memory of Kathy Decker
Melvin and Connie Oakes, Elmira
Jerry and Louise O’Dell, Pine City
Terrence and Jacalyn O’Herron, Horseheads
Allen and Martha Oldfield, Horseheads
Susan L. Olthof, Elmira
Peter O’Neill, Elmira
Karen, Jim and Jeni Osborn, Elmira
Derek Owen, Horseheads
William and Victoria Payne, Elmira
Donna M. Peel, Sayre
Beverly Pelling, Horseheads
April Peris, Elmira
Kim and Dan Pesesky, Horseheads
Carl and Nancy Peters, Beaver Dams
Sandra Petsky, Elmira in memory of Bill and Joan McCann
Jeannette and Bob Pettibone, Elmira
Klyda K. Pierce, Elmira
Marianne Pietrzyk, Acton
Ronald and Susan Potrzebowski, Horseheads
Ronald and Susan Potrzebowski, Horseheads in memory of Tom Roe
The Potter Family, Elmira
Barbara and Al Preucil, Elmira in memory of Bill McCann
Robert E. Rafferty, Elmira
Bill and Carol Ann Raplee, Pine City
Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Reidy, Elmira
Charlie and Annie L. Reinhart, Pine City
Jim and Ruth Reinhart, Pine City
Stephanie C. Risley, Elmira
Hilde and Herb Robbins, Elmira in honor of Kae and Art Smith’s 60th Wedding Anniversary
Vivian Robbins, Elmira
Stephen C. Roe, Elmira
Timothy J. Roe, Cayuta in memory of Tom Roe
Karen L. Rohde, Cortland
Carl and Karen Romans, Horseheads in memory of Derek Michael Lake
Rotary Club of Elmira Heights, Elmira Heights
David and Ann Rouse, Big Flats
Joyce Rumsey, Pine Valley
Joseph and Debbie Savino, Pine City
Gary Saxton, Elmira
Dorothy M. Scaggs, Lodi
Jacqueline Scarpi, Pine City in memory of William McCann
Gordon and Mary Schuehler, Horseheads
Greg and Barb Schultz, Elmira
Deborah Seeley, Corning
Ethel and Harry Sheehe, Elmira
Gale Sheets, Elmira
Eleanore Shepson, Painted Post
Carolee and Larry Sherman, Elmira
Deloris D. Sherwood, Horseheads in memory of Raymond Sherwood
Lynn A Silsbee, Elmira
Barbara and Milton Simpson, Horseheads
David and Doris Siskin, Elmira
Susan P. Sleve, Ellicott City
Allen B. Smith, Elmira
Beverly Smith, Elmira Heights
Frances Smith
Gayle M. Smith, Horseheads in memory of Richard Smith
Maureen M. Smith and Paul Smith, Elmira
Solutions Credit Union, Elmira
Bentley Trumble Squadron # 442 Sons of the American Legion, Horseheads
Southport Coin Association, Wellsburg
Southport Volunteer Fire Department, Elmira
David W. Squires, Elmira in memory of James S. Wyckoff
Priscilla R. Steed, Elmira
Beatrice E. Stephens, Pine City
Mary Jane Stickler, Pine City in memory of Steve Stickler and Nicholas Cherkis
Peggy Streeter, Elmira
Peggy Streeter, Elmira in memory of James Wyckoff
Kathleen M. Strohl, Horseheads
Arthur and Darlene Sullivan, Horseheads
Kevin M. Sullivan, Elmira in memory of Bill McCann
Nancy and John Sutton, Horseheads
Jim and Rose Ann Swarthout, Horseheads in memory of Their Parents
Swift Glass Company, Inc., Elmira Heights
Employee In-plant Fund, Swift Glass Company, Inc., Elmira
Thayer Family, Elmira in memory of Dennis Thayer
The Harkness Family, Gillett in memory of William McCann
Art and Connie Thompson, Elmira
Hazel Thompson, Elmira
Trayer Products Employees and Management, Elmira in memory of Laverne Wolcott
Employee’s Benefit Account Trayer Products, Inc., Elmira
Nancy Trimm, Horseheads in memory of Charles Trimm
Joseph A. Trosino, Pine City
Sandra and John Tupper, Breesport in memory of Amber, our Eternal Butterfly
James and Annette Valentine, Sun City West
Duane and Lois Vanarkel, Pine City
Ruth and James Vanhorn, Pine City
VFW Auxiliary 901, Elmira
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 803, Elmira
Tim and Marie Von Neida, Elmira
Tim and Marie Von Neida, Elmira in memory of Ed Lincoln
Tim, Mary Jane and TJ Wade, Horseheads
Linda Waite, Horseheads in memory of Joe Waite
Carolyn Warden, Painted Post
Bob and Debra Watts, Elmira
Joyce L. Weideman, Elmira Heights
Everett Weiermiller, Elmira
Joann and Bruce Welch, Pine City
Jeff and Lori Welliver, Sr., Elmira
Dorothy Wenzel, Pine City
Nancy J. Whitaker, Horseheads
Delores Wilcox, Horseheads
Diane and Richard Williams, Elmira in memory of Shane Williams
Ila C. Williams, Horseheads
June Wilson, Elmira in memory of the Evans Family
Kevin and Kathy Wolfe, Elmira
Linda Wright, Elmira, in memory of Mark and Helen Wright
Don and Peggy Zelko, Horseheads