2017 Donor List

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Admar Supply Company, Inc. in memory of Charles Streeter
Robert C. Albee III, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Kathleen Aldrich, Elmira
Arnot Realty Corp., Horseheads
Lou and Maryann Atkinson, Horseheads
Robert and Shelly Bailey, III, Horseheads
Anthony M. Belloma, Elmira
Pat and Joy P. Bermingham, Elmira
Karen and Rick Biesanz, Corning
S Greenbush Big Buck Club, Erin in memory of Garry Earl
Dolores and John S. Boedicker, Elmira
Frank and Pat Bohart, Elmira
Ed and Carol Braunstein, Elmira
Kenneth Brad, Amber, Kristen and Andrew Brenza, Horseheads in memory of Charles Streeter
Franklin and Claire Brown, Buchanan in memory of John D Brown
Dennis P. Brueckman, Pine City
Daniel P. Bubacz, Mount Joy
Richard and Anna Burritt, Horseheads
Phyllis Cady, Pine City in memory of my Husband, Bob
Cameron Mfg. and Design Inc., Horseheads
Hector and Jane Campbell, Virginia Beach
Duke and Wendy Carroll, Elmira
Chemung Canal Trust Co., Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Marc Stemerman, Tracy Norman, Chloe, Jack, and Harper in memory of Charles Streeter
Chemung Supply Corp., Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Cathy Cimmerer, Pine City
Mark and Mary Ellen Claypool, Horseheads
Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and Finger Lakes, Horseheads
R. Kenneth Connolly, Easton
Scott, Chris, Connor and Ben Cook, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Kathleen L. Coons, Rochester in memory of mother Geraldine Salmon
Clarence and Aloa Croke, Millport
Cruisin’ Buddies Rod Custom and Classic Car Club Inc, Vestal
Bob and Sue Cunningham, Elmira
Jim and Lois S. Dalrymple, Horseheads
Dandy Mini Marts. Inc, Athens
Leon and Cathy Dean, Sr., Elmira
Joanne Delany, Horseheads
Anthony C. Desocio, Elmira in memory of the Desocio Family
Patrick Dicerbo in memory of Charles Streeter
Ada Donaldson, Pine City
Bob and Rose Drake, Pine City in memory of Robert Drake
Phyllis S. Drew, Horseheads
Joe and Theresa Duffy, Elmira
Joe and Theresa Duffy, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Regina Duffy, Elmira
Richard and Bonnie Edwards, Palmyra in memory of Luther (Duke) Beverly, Scott Beverly and Reeve
& Evelyn Edwards
Elm Chevrolet, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Elmira High School Student Council, Elmira
Elmira Structures Inc, Elmira
Walter T. Ersly, Horseheads
Estate of Paul E. O’Leary, Sr.
Elizabeth and Richard Evans in memory of Charles Streeter, Jr.
Gloria E. Ewsuk, Elmira Heights
Elizabeth J. Finch, Pine City
Tom and Marie Finnerty, Elmira
Daniel Fisher, Sun City, FL
Ann M. Forsythe, Elmira
Daniel F. Fraser, Horseheads
Emily Freitas, Elmira in memory of Joe
Sandra Fucigna in memory of Charles Streeter
David and Caroline Fuller, Hilton Head Island, SC in memory of Charles Streeter
Gerould’s Prescription Center – Home Health, Elmira
Gloria Giles, Lowman
Joe Gizzi
Henry M. Green, Van Etten
Joseph and Cynthia Guercio, Owego
Mary Guinane, Elmira
Carol Guinee in honor of Eastern Metal Sign Company
Nancy and Charles Hable, Elmira
Eugene and Sharon Haring, Horseheads
Charles G. Hill, Jr, Madison
Carl Hockeborn, Horseheads
Thomas and Maureen Hoffmann, Horseheads
Kathryn E. Holden, Largo in memory of, Father, Eldon Kasper
Pat Holmstrom, Horseheads
Dorothy Hoos, Horseheads
Bill and Marijon Hopkins, Elmira
Mary Ellen Hotter, Millerton
Gordon, Tammy, Maddie and Liv Howe in memory of Ron Hamlin
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Hoy, Sarasota in memory of Margaret Hoy
Al and Sharlene Huntley, Horseheads
Jane and Jeffery P. Jack, Pine City
John H Cook, Jr., Painting Contractor, Inc., Elmira
John Mills Electric, Inc., Elmira
Gorden and Shelby H. Johnson, Oldtown in memory of parents Mr and Mrs Herbert Johnson
Donald J. Jurusik, Elmira
K V Engineering Pllc, Kirk Vieselmeyer, PE, Horseheads
Laurence and Diane Kasper, Columbia Cr Rds
Janice M. Keller, Elmira
Donna J. Koehler, Horseheads in memory of husband Ernie
Stephanie, Jeffrey and Iris Kohan, Horseheads in memory of Grandparents Eva and George Ksionzyk
Koski Renovation and Design, Elmira
Mark Kroczynski, Plantation, FL in memory of Deceased Members of the Kroczynski Family
Linda Leonard, Gillett in memory of Chief Joe Leonard
Laurie Liberatore, Elmira
Mel E. Losito, Olathe
Joe Losito and Family, Olathe
Sue S. Lynough, Nicholas Lynough, Elizabeth and Isaac Zehr, Elmira in memory of Robert J
Lynough II and Dr. Edward & Katherine Steele
Marjorie H. Macpherson, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Tom and Patty Makovitch, Horseheads in memory of Shirley Makovitch
Jill Malone, Pine City
Tom and Esther Margeit, Horseheads
Deborah and Richard Marvin, Pine City
Mary Smith, Harriet Heller and Janet Howell, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Marion Mathews, Horseheads
Thomas and Doris Maxcy in memory of Charlie Streeter
Cliff and Marie Mays, Horseheads
Joyce A. McCann, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Jane G. McComis, Waverly
Kathleen K. McGee, Seneca in memory of Al and Mina Kittle
Dean Meschtlo
Suzanne Mettler, Elmira Heights in memory of Donald and Frances Mettler
Howard E. Miller, Horseheads
Joshua and Jennifer Miller, Elmira
Amber Mirshaflee, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Ron and Jean Moore, Horseheads
Bernie and Carol Morey, Park Station Boarding Kennel, Erin
John Morrison, Elmira
Donna Moschitta
Prince Hall Masons, Mt. Nebo Lodge, Elmira
Jim and Dee Nati, Pine City
Douglas and Carolyn Nelson, Pine City
Lester and Margery Newell, Horseheads
Dick and Sandra Niles, Hammondsport
James and Brenda Norris, Fort Myers, FL
John and Ann O’Mara, Horseheads
Karen, Jim and Jeni Osborn, Elmira
Kathleen and Douglas Ouweleen, Wellsburg
Kent and Elizabeth Paige in memory of Charles Streeter
Marcus and Diane Patelunas, Elmira
Linda Patrick, Horseheads in memory of Delores Louise Palmer
Kimberly Patrizi in memory of Charles Streeter
Perry and Carroll, Inc., Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter, Jr.
Carl and Carol Petronio
Robert Petzke, Lowman
John and Rita Polk, Elmira in memory of Son, Brad
Edytha B. Potter, Beggs
John and Trudy Potter, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Bill and Carol Ann Raplee, Pine City in memory of John M Russell
Shirley Redner, Elmira in memory of Joan McCann
Thomas Reidy, Elmira
Gail B. Reifsnyder in memory of Charles Streeter
Jim and Ruth Reinhart, Pine City
Ira R. Rogers and Ted Hayes, North Vancouver
Carl and Karen Romans, Horseheads in memory of Derek Lake`
Thomas and Elaine C. Rupp, Elmira
Dennis Sargent, Jr. in memory of Joan Hintz McCann
Gary Saxton, Elmira
Jacqueline Scarpi, Pine City in memory of Joan McCann
Roger and Cathy Schenone, Elmira in memory of Joan B. McCann
Dick and Marge Schornstheimer, Elmira
Greg and Barb Schultz, Elmira
Carolee and Larry Sherman, Elmira
Derek Skinner, Breesport
Fred and Edith Skinner in memory of Charles Streeter
Margaret K. Sleeth in memory of Jim Sleeth
Mary and Don Smith, Zephyr Hills in memory of Steve Christy and Joe Cavallaro
Solutions Credit Union, Elmira
Theresa Stanley, Ithaca in memory of Mother, Veronica Sadonick
Karen Steed, Elmira in honor of Dave Grosvenor
Karen Steed, Elmira in honor of Nancy Fletcher
R. Howard Stein, Oakland in memory of Aaron Stein
Jerald and Myra Stemerman, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Mike Streeter, Penn Yan in memory of Charlie Streeter
Jeffrey B. Streeter and Barbara J. Yunis, Elmira
Martin J. Strong, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Archie and Linda Sturch, Elmira
G. Dennis and Beverly Knapp Sullivan in memory of Joan McCann
Jeanne Sullivan in memory of Joan McCann
Nancy and John Sutton, Horseheads
John and Elizabeth Swanson, Elmira
Jim and Rose Ann Swarthout, Horseheads in memory of our Parents
Gil and Harriet Sweet, Corning
Marge Taft, Elmira in memory of John Taft
Ruth E. Teeter, Athens
Kevin Tremmel, the Duke Company
The Wichtowski’s, Elmira
Art and Connie Thompson, Elmira
Chuck and Maggie Thurber, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Anders and Mary Ellen Tomson in memory of Charles Streeter
Twin Tiers Vintage Car Club Inc, Big Flats
Vasco Brands Inc, Elmira
Rosemary Vert, Elmira in memory of Patrick and Jenny Monahan
Visions Federal Credit Union
Laurie S. Von Hendy, Los Osos
Cathy Warner in memory of “babe” my Dog Angel
Mike and Missy Wayne, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Harry and Leone Welch, Pine City
Joann and Bruce Welch, Pine City
Lorraine and Scott Welliver, Hector in memory of Charles Streeter
WENY-TV, Lilly Broadcasting, Horseheads
Cal and Toni West, Elmira in memory of Ron Hamlin
Rita H. Westervelt, Horseheads in memory of husband Arnie and Grandson Tommy
Wendy J. Wheadon, Elmira
Michael and Linda Whitford, Horseheads in memory of Ron Hamlin
Cornelia Wiegert
Delores Wilcox, Horseheads
Josiah J. Willard, III in memory of Charles Streeter
Alan and Maria Winston, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter
Mike and Karen Wisniewski, Parsippany
Amy Yunis, in memory of Charles Streeter
Mary Jo Yunis, Elmira in memory of Charles Streeter

Robert C. Albee III, Elmira in memory of Phyllis Albee
Margretta and Eric Ameigh, Hershey
American Legion Post 442, Horseheads
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Elmira
Marjorie Atkinson, Horseheads
Jared and Martina Baker, Horseheads in memory of Regina Mastroleo
Joseph and Mary J. Belloma, Elmira
Ronald and Helen Bentley, Culpeper, VA
Joseph A. Berto, Corning
Norm Blanchard, Buchanan Dam
Elizabeth C. Blasic, Horseheads
Ralph L. Bloom, Elmira in memory of Ann and Norma Bloom
James and Roxanne Bravo, Elmira
John Brinthaupt, Horseheads in memory of Jodie Brinthaupt
Theresa Brinthaupt, Horseheads in memory of Bob and Jim Brinthaupt
Janice Brown, Elmira
John Brown
Louise Bush, Horseheads
Bob and Judy Butler, Elmira
Norvall E. Campbell, Elmira
Bill and Pam Caroscio, Elmira
Dwight M. Carpenter, Hammondsport
Janice Carpenter, Elmira
Elaine Caso, Elmira
Shaun Castle, Birmingham
Lorraine W. Chaapel, Elmira
Betty F. Chalk, Fort Myers, FL in memory of Robert Chalk
Dick and Bea Chamberlain, Palm Harbor, FL
Jack Chambers, Canandaigua
Council #82 Local #3978, Chemung County Corrections, Elmira
Chemung Valley Old Timers Assn, Millport
Ellie, Drew, Caroline and Cal Clearwater, Elmira
Cleary Family and Southside Pudgies Pizza, Elmira
James J. Cleary, Jr, Elmira
Charles and Jan Clemens, Elmira Heights
David and Judith Clovsky
Berry and Kathleen H. Cokely, Geneva
Nancy and James Colegrove, Pine City
Community Wesleyan Church, Horseheads
Robert & Nancy Comstock and Colleen M. Pollen, Horseheads
David L. Confer, Elmira
Christopher Connolly, Easton in memory of Past Arctic League President R. P. Seem and Family
John C. Cook, Elmira
John H. Cook, Jr. Painting Cont. Inc., Elmira
Andrew and Helen Courtney, Painted Post
Richard Cox, Elmira
Crystal Chords, Inc, Horseheads
Jack and Anna Mae Curren, Gillett
Marilyn D. Damiano, Elmira in memory of Damiano Family
Leon Dean, Sr., Elmira in memory of Wife, Catherine Dean
Don, Loretta, Tammy, Sally Deane, Elmira in memory of James and Kathryn Janeski;
Don, Loretta, Tammy, Sally Deane, Elmira in memory of Charles and Jeanette Deane
Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Rho Chapter
Joan Doherty
Ann Doland, Wellsburg
Diane Dunham, Elmira in memory of Family and Friends
Herb and Dori Dunham, Millerton
Timothy and Mary Jane Eckel, Pine City
Edison High School Key Club, Elmira
Harry Edwards, Elmira in memory of Geri, Mary, Dan and Ken
Charles Ellis, Horseheads
Elm Chevrolet, Elmira
Elmira City School District, EFA Activities Fund, Elmira
“Make A Difference Day” Fund Elmira Correctional Facility, Elmira
Elmira Elks BPOE 62, Elmira
Margaret Emmick, Elmira
Alice and Bill Erickson, Elmira
Pamela Farr and Samara Farr Gromer, Big Flats
Susan E. Fermer, Corning
June A. Ford, Pine City
Tom and Lee Friedrich, Elmira
Donald G. Fudge, Lancaster
Evelyn Germain, St Augustine in memory of Lester and Josephine Breese
Joseph Gibson
Mary Ginardi, Elmira
Glen Regional Corvette Club, Elmira
Stephen D. Golden, Elmira
Nancy Golomb, Corning
Jim and Kathy Graham, Elmira
Richard M. Gridley, Elmira in memory of Lyman D. Gridley
Russell and Carolyn Gridley, Elmira in memory of Kent Coombs and Milton Adams
Rose F. Gublo, Elmira
Frank & Linda Gudas, Elmira
Margaret Gursey in memory of Catherine Carroll
Jerry F. Hackathorn, Wellsburg
Stephen Hager, Ballwin
Cynthia H. Haigh, Elmira
Hale Contracting Inc, Horseheads
Michael Harter, Elmira
Pamela Hartman, Corning
Maddox and Tanya Harvey, Elmira
Raymond Hayes, Elmira
George and Sharon Hendrix, Elmira
Ellen A. Hicks, Elmira
Holy Family Catholic School Parent Association, Elmira
Horseheads B.P.O.E. Lodge 2297, Horseheads
Agnes U. Hulbert, Horseheads
IBEW Local 139, Elmira
Laura J. Ingle, Elmira in memory of Joanne Coleman
Nickola R. and Shirley R. Jannett, Ozark
Lewis L. Jenkins, Horseheads
Scott Keister
Kevin and Joan Kelly, Boyton Beach in memory of Sheldon Herman
Walter Kelly and Carolyn Spencer, Elmira
Sally A. Keough, Elmira
Richard and Marcia Kimball, Pine City
Denise King and Jim Twombly, Elmira
Daryl and Jessica Kingsley, Ulster
Paige J. Kinnaird, Delevan
Kelsey Kisloski
Audrey and Joseph Kopacz, Elmira
Vincent and Colleen Ladelia and Family, Elmira
Lady Raiders Softball, Horseheads
Betty J. Lambert, Elmira
Jim and Mary Ann Larson, Elmira in memory of Ron Hamlin
Julia D. Lavarnway, Elmira
Frank J. Lepa, Horseheads
Stephen Lewis and Paula Bubacz, Horseheads
Lighthouse Liquors and Wines Of Southport, Elmira
Eugene and Mary Liquori, Elmira
Sandra J. Little, Lowman in memory of Kenneth P. Little and Raymond E. Durfee
Arlene M. Lundquest, Elmira in memory of Jacob and Madeline Koehler
Merrill and Lydia Lynn, Big Flats
Jim and Diana Maher, Elmira
Joseph C. Mallory and Gail Palmer, Elmira
David M. Manning, Elmira
Joe and Jackie Manning, Pine City in memory of John and Catherine Manning
Christian Marble
Marine Corps League, Edward J. Brewer Detachment, Horseheads
Mark Twain Barbershop Chorus, Burdett
Carol Masin, Breesport
David and Dorothy Matison, Horseheads
Mary Ellen Maycumber, Elmira in memory of husband and Son
Joyce A. McCann, Elmira
Ronald and Cynthia J. McCluskey, Horseheads
Larry C. McCormick, Elmira in memory of son, Matthew
Larry C. McCormick, Elmira in memory of parents, Claude and Eleanor McCormick
Alma McCoy, Pine City
Marda J. McElhaney, Elmira in memory of Phil
James J McGann, Elmira
Kevin and Laura McGurgan, Horseheads
Carol and Bill McKenzie, Elmira
Catherine McKeown, Elmira
John and Deb McKibbin, Erin
Bill and Annie McLaughlin, Horseheads
Jim and Jayne H. McMillen, Horseheads in memory of Mollie Dawley
Philomena Messina, Elmira
David and Janis Messing, Pine City
Stacey and Jeffery Mikel, Elmira
Joseph, Marie, Alyssa and Alexis Militello, Horseheads
Katherine V. Miller, Towanda
Rick Miller, Elmira
Tom M. Miller, Elmira
Warren K. Miller, Horseheads
Ann Millhollen, Elmira
Neil and Kathy Milliken in memory of Milliken, Davis and Coleman Family Members
Susan Minchin, Big Flats
Phyllis E. Moffat, Elmira
Scott and Sharon Moore, Elmira
Dean and Mary Ellen Morgan, Dundee in memory of Janet Katherine Tolbert
Betty B. Moshier, Horseheads in memory of Charles Moshier
Mt Nebo Lodge 82, Elmira
Christine Mucci
Marilyn Mullaney, Horseheads in honor of Grandchildren
Joe and Mary Margaret Murphy, Elmira in memory of Tony Della Sala
Joe and Dolly Naida, Elmira
Barbara Nail, Horseheads
Lia M. Navone, Horseheads
Lester and Margery Newell, Horseheads
Tim and Pam Newton, Pine City in memory of son, Ben Newton
Nancy E. Nicastro, Horseheads in honor of Carol Karisk
Robert and Mary Nickerson, Horseheads
Donna Noteware, Hammondsport
Emma R. Novotny, Elmira
Sabrina O’Connor, Pine City in honor of 2017 Bell Ringer
Dorothy M. Orme-Scaggs, Pine City
Randy and Melissa Parker, Horseheads
Kathy P. Peris, Elmira
Matt and Joy Perry, Elmira
Carl and Nancy Peters, Beaver Dams
James and Mary A. Pirozzolo, Horseheads
Polar Express Riders, Horseheads
The Potter Family, Elmira
Salvatore D. Primerano and Wendi P. Walton, Elmira
Elaine Proko, Anaheim
Linda Proper, Elmira in memory of Carl Proper
Phil and Carolyn Rafferty, Pine City
Mary Rathbun
Ron and Joann Rathbun and Family, Horseheads
Charlie and Annie L. Reinhart, Pine City
Delores Rhode, Elmira in memory of Husband, Paul Rhode
Deborah A. and James F. Roberts, San Diego
Kathy and David Robinson, Savona
Jeffrey Rosenheck
David and Ann Rouse, Big Flats
John R. Roussell, Elizabethtown
Joyce Rumsey, Pine Valley
Nancy Sabatini, Horseheads in memory of John Sabatini
Bob and Sarah Sandore, Lee Center in memory of Robert A. Sandore
Thomas and Patricia J. Santulli, Elmira
Lucille E. Sayles, Pine City
Christopher and Erin Schiavone, Horseheads
Jay Schissell and Jeri Wall, Erin
Tom and Pat Seem, Big Flats
Elmer H. Selby, Jr, Horseheads
Hermine and Larry Shapiro, Corning
Michaelle H. Shaw, Elmira
David J. Sheen, Pine City
Joanne Shepson
Carolee and Larry Sherman, Elmira
Stephen, Cheryl, Ryan and Jeremy Silvernail, Elmira
The Sinko Family, Naples
David and Doris Siskin, Elmira in memory of Carl Proper
Beverly Smith, Elmira Heights
Bentley Trumble Squadron # 442 Sons of The American Legion, Horseheads
Southern Tier Thunder Fastpitch, Elmira
Southport Volunteer Fire Department, Elmira
Steve and Melody Spencer, Horseheads
Al and Ginny F. Stanton, Fort Myers
Vincent Stepulis, Pine City
Alfred A. Stermer, Elmira
June M. Stout, Horseheads
Daniel Sugg
Arthur and Darlene Sullivan, Horseheads
Nancy K. Swartwood, Elmira
Swift Glass Company, Elmira
Employee In-plant Fund Swift Glass Company, Inc., Elmira
Robert and Linda Terry, Ithaca
Thayer Family, Elmira in memory of Dennis Thayer
Charles W. Tice, Horseheads in memory of Frances Tice
Mary L. Tigue, Big Flats
John Tompkins, Elmira
Triple Talent Academy, Elmira
Daniel M. Ungvarsky, Pine City
Betty L. Van Curren Empson, Elmira
Alex and Nathan Vesneske, Horseheads
Jeffrey Vieselmeyer
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 803, Elmira
Carolyn Warden, Painted Post
Rita T. Wayne, Rochester in memory of Husband, Bill and Brothers, Bernard & Paul Dailey
Dorothy Wenzel, Pine City
Jim and Sharon Wheeler, Elmira
Nancy J. Whitaker, Horseheads
Denise Whitty
Jason Whong
Kimberly Windell
George H. Winner, Elmira
Joan and Gordon Woodworth, Big Flats
Earl and Sally Wright, Horseheads
Thomas and Marley Wylie, Elmira
Harvey and Claudia Youker, Horseheads
Diane J. Yusko, Elmira in memory of Kathy (Shaddock) Kennedy
Nancy M. Zito, Elmira