The “Big Book” is a collection of the names of all of the people who donate to the Arctic League, along with their addresses and the amount of their donations. Once a donor signs the Big Book, he or she becomes a member of the Arctic League for life.


In the fall, a goal is set to raise money for the next year’s purchasing of gifts and toys for the children of Chemung County. Each November, the Arctic League then kicks off its Christmas Campaign with the opening of the Big Book by new Directors and the Arctic League Bell Ringer.  The Big Book closes when the annual goal is met, with the Elmira Police Benevolent Association making the final entry into the book.

The old books are leather bound and gorgeous. The ledgers are not just accounting – instead, they a represent the history of the generosity of the good people of Chemung County.

The new “Big Book” is actually comprised of several books distributed across Chemung County.  Donors are encouraged to stop in at one of our Auxiliary Locations during the Campaign and become a member of the Arctic League!