2021 Donor List

We are continuously processing donations throughout the holiday season.  Please check back often for new entries!

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Evelyn Germain in memory of Les and Jo Breese
Anita and Lee Adelsberg, Elmira
Michelle Alamo, Englewood in memory of Barbara Hartman
Annette Alosa, Rochester
Wendy Amin
Kitty Anderson in memory of Barb Hartman
Anonymous in memory of Anna and Leo Guinane
Anonymous in memory of Bill Hill
Anonymous in memory of Ja’Leya E. Balmer
Anonymous in memory of Alfred Stermer
Anonymous in memory of Ann Forsythe
The Beaches
Martin Beebe, Elmira Heights
Mary Beechey, Big Flats
Gary G. and Rose M. Behney, Elmira
Lisa A. Benedict, Elmira Heights
Christine Bezotte, Elmira
Dolores and John S. Boedicker, Elmira
Dolores and John S. Boedicker, Elmira in memory of Theodore A. (Ted) Bennett
Dee Anna Boswell
Jamie Brand-Fortier
Duane and Marge Bravo, Elmira
Judy Breitenbach in memory of Jacqueline Harsell
Annette M. Bubacz, Watkins Glen in memory of Dan Bubacz
Annette M. Bubacz, Watkins Glen in memory of Ken and Betty Bubacz
Annette M. Bubacz, Watkins Glen in memory of Sarah Bargesser
Denise A. Buono, Pine City
James Burger in memory of Norman Sampsell
Bob Burgess, Hornell
Ralph Button
Joan Campbell, Lewes
Shaun Castle, Chelsea
Cemecon Inc., Horseheads
Derrick Chalk
The children of Francis Cleary in memory of our father Francis “Boomer” Cleary
John Cook, Elmira
Robert and Denise Coon, Horseheads
Philip and Jill Cooper, Gillett
Marie Cornacchio, Elmira in memory of Joseph Stachowski
Andy and Helen Courtney, Painted Post in memory of David Courtney
Jane Cummings, Elmira in memory of Jim and Ceil Cummings
William and Linda Delaney, Elmira
Merry E. Despersis in memory of Barb Hartman
Sylvia Devitt, Elmira in memory of Gerald G. Lynch
Greg, Jeffrey and Melanie Bulman Dickinson, Elmira in memory of Andy and Lois Pogy; Steven Dickinson and Patrick Bulman
American Disc Sports, LLC
Suzann Doane in honor of Barbara Hartman of Chemung, NY
Mary Dowling and Charles Rivera in memory of Mary “Rainey” Dowling
Peter Downey, Albany
Rachel Dworkin, Elmira
Marcia Earley, Elmira
Deborah and Gene Ebbrecht, Elmira
Christy and David Edkin, Elmira
William Fischer, Elmira
Karen and Lyman Flahive, Hector in memory of Delores L. Phillips
Mark Fleisher
Daniel Forte
Terry Fox in memory of Bob and Donna Scott and Bev Fox
Jay Freeman, Orlando
Kristen Frisbie
Jennifer Furman, Elmira
Joshua Giacchino, Elmira
Jean Gill, Horseheads
Joe Gizzi, Johns Creek, GA
The John Gough Family, Horseheads
Ed and Peg Greatsinger, Elmira in memory of Sean Marshall
Shawn Habecker, Elmira
Scott and Tina Hager, Horseheads in memory of Don and Susanne Hager
Traci’s Hair Studio
Brian Hart, Apalachin
Norma Heath
Marci Hilgendorf
Michelle Hill-Bungard
Bryant and Barbara Hozempa, Horseheads
Michael Hudson in memory of Dr. James and Bonnie Hudson and Elizabeth Heininger
I.B.E.W. Local 139, Elmira
Craig and Lori Jones, Elmira in memory of our Mother, Marcia Jones
Jodi Jones in honor of Evelyn and Glen Germain
Michele Kelley, Erin in memory of Maria Margeson
Kitten and Max Kennedy
Lisa King, Horseheads
Knights Of Columbus, Council 229, Elmira
Edward Kobbe
Stephanie, Jeffrey and Iris Kohan, Horseheads
Chuck and Sandy Kottwitz, Pine City
Ted Kozlowski, Horseheads
Joshua Kramer, Pine City in memory of Lloyd Hall
William Krolak, Elmira
James Kujawski
Bob, Joyce and Gloria Lamoreaux, Painted Post
Kenneth and Pamela Lewis, Elmira
Laurie Liberatore, Elmira
Bill and Barbara Lock, Horseheads
Deborah M. Lowe, Elmira
Clark Maloney
Alison Mandel, Elmira in memory of my nephew, Eric Krawczyk
James Mark, Horseheads
Sage Pitner
Louis and Tallie Marsh, Elmira
Dustin May, Wellsburg
Carol and Doug Maye, Horseheads
Molly McEwan, Horseheads
Mary Milks, Elmira
Vanessa Miller, Wellsburg
Monumental Baptist Church, Elmira
Delores Morgan, Elmira
Jack and Mary Anne Narosky, Elmira
Gary and Donna Nelson, Horseheads
Kayla Nichols, Elmira
William Nicholson, Elmira
Benedict Nitche, Horseheads
Kyle Nuss
Tim O’Brien, Horseheads
Roberta Oswalt, Horseheads
Karen Pappalardo in memory of Delores Phillips
Anita L. Phillips, Elmira
Eugenia Phillips and Family, Elmira in memory of my Husband, John and Son, Michael
Lucinda Phillips-Rumsey, Millport in memory of Richard and Frida Rodabaugh
Meghan Prunier, Elmira in memory of Grandfather Paul Prunier
Mike, Whitney and Aubrianna Prunier
Jameson Prunier in memory of his great grandfather Paul Prunier
Queen City Temple 146, Elmira
Nancy Ray, Horseheads
David J. Ridosh, Elmira
Mary Fedkin Riley, Montour Falls
Mary Jo Ritter
Susan and Jim Rogers, Elmira
Michael Rose
Thomas A. Schoneman, Elmira in memory of Parents, Leo and Eleanor Schoneman
Tiffany S. Schoonover and John Owens, Erin
Theresa Schrom, Elmira
Theresa Schwartz
Jennifer Sebes, Wexford Evolve Dance Complex Imo Dolores Lee Phillips
Penny and Charlie Shaffer, Elmira
Steve and Sherry Shulman, Bal Harbour, FL
Chris and Jess Simons, Skaneateles
Robert Smallcomb
Joseph C. Smith, Elmira
Leah Smith in memory of Douglas Smith
Mike and Pat Smithers in memory of Rose Gublo
Ronald Squires, Corning
Michael Steffens
Marc and Tracey Stemerman, Elmira
Dorothy M. Stermer, Erin
Leslie Stow
In memory of Eddie Stowell by his Parents
Arthur Sullivan
Michael Sullivan, Marcy
Perry and Jennifer Treu, Elmira in memory of Deceased Members of the Berg and Treu Families
William and Judith Vaananen, Horseheads
Mert and Judy Voorhees, Elmira Heights
John Warobick, Lansing in memory of Stanley R. Jaynes
Tom and Marisa Weisenfluh, Elmira
Bill White, Elmira
Denise Whitty
Earl and Denise Whitty, Elmira
Cornelia Wiegert
James Wild
Michael Zine, Horseheads

Richard and Mary Lou Ackley, Elmira
Gary Adams, Pine City
Wayne and Marlene Adams, Horseheads
Kathleen Aldrich, Elmira in memory of Edward L. Aldrich
Arthur and Marilyn Ambrose, Elmira
Margretta Ameigh, Hershey
Bentley-Trumble Unit 442 American Legion Auxiliary, Horseheads
Charles A. Andrew, Horseheads
Lou and Maryann Atkinson, Horseheads
Margaret P. Austin in memory of Norman Sampsell
Paul and Mary Ann Baker, Elmira
Shelley A. Barnes, Elmira
David and Kris Battle, Horseheads in memory of Danny Mandell, Sr.
Jon and Sandy Bauer, Pine City
Anthony M. Belloma, Elmira in memory of Frank Belloma
Joseph and Mary J. Belloma, Elmira
Tom and Sandy Bennett, Pine City
Dorothy and John Berry, Elmira
Betty J. Better, Horseheads in memory of Norma Sears
Lyle Blauvelt, Elmira
Frank and Pat Bohart, Elmira
Harold and Carolyn Bossard, Elmira
Carol and Jim Bramble, Horseheads
Ken and Brenda M. Brenza, Horseheads
Richard and Rae Brigger, Horseheads
Lauren and Barbara Briggs, Horseheads
John Brinthaupt, Horseheads in memory of Jodie Brinthupt
Chuck and Cheryl Burch, Horseheads
David T. Burgess and Members of the Crooked Creek Golf Club in memory of Joseph Stachowski
John and Mary Burin, Elmira
Ellen C. Burke, Elmira in memory of Dolores Phillips
John and Linda Burke, Horseheads
Linda Burke, Horseheads in memory of “Ken” Burke
Anna and Richard Burritt, Horseheads
Natalie Butler in memory of Barbara Hartman
Cameron Mfg. and Design Inc., Horseheads
Norvall E. Campbell, Elmira
Rowena J. Campbell, Elmira
John Canestaro Jr Family, Elmira in memory of Mary Jo Marks
Bill Caroscio, Elmira
Todd and Kathy Carpenter, Big Flats in memory of Dolores Phillips
Philip and Lynda Carpentier, Elmira
Duke and Wendy Carroll, Elmira
Joseph R. Caruso
Caryl J. Cavalier, Elmira
William and Pamela Cavaluzzi, Horseheads
Marion Cerio, Elmira
Chemung Canal Trust Co., Elmira
City Of Light Church, Elmira
Tom Cleary, Elmira
Joyce M. Clune, The Villages in memory of Kay Hover
Dan and Bernadette Collins, Pine City
Gerald and Diane Collins, Elmira
David L. Confer and Family, Elmira
Scott, Chris, Connor and Ben Cook, Elmira
John H. Cook, Jr. Painting Contractors, Inc., Elmira
Sylvia Coolidge Moore in memory of Joseph Stachowski
Stephen Cowulich, Horseheads
Clarence and Aloa Croke, Millport
Joseph J. Crotty in memory of Joseph Stachowski
Joseph J. Crotty in memory of Kay Hover
Ruthanne Crotty, Montoursville in memory of J Stachowski
Ruthanne Crotty, Montoursville in memory of Kay Hover
Cruisin’ Buddies Rod Custom and Classic Car Club Inc., Vestal
Connie Cruttenden, Horseheads
Wayne L and Martha G Cuer, Lowman
D. Joan Cunnings, Elmira in memory of Bill and Dorothy Skeby
Jack and Anna Mae Curren, Gillett
Barbara Dailey, Horseheads in memory of Husband, Bernard Dailey
A. James and Lois Dalrymple, Horseheads
Elizabeth Danaher, Elmira
Thomas Dangelo, Horseheads
Fred and Mary Daniels, Horseheads
Daniel T. Demark, Elmira
Terry Demember and Jan Miller, Elmira in memory of Millie Demember and Family
Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapter Cpt. 803, Elmira
Geraldine Derenzo, Elmira
Joy and Larry Doane, Winter Haven
Joanne and Mike Doherty & Family, Horseheads
Mary Doland, Elmira
Milford Doland, Wellsburg
Dr. & Mrs. David Dozack, Elmira
Phyllis S. Drew, Horseheads
Herb and Dori Dunham, Millerton
John and Sue Dunlap, Elmira in memory of Melissa Wilson
John and Sue Dunlap, Elmira in memory of Richard Palmer Cox
David and Susan Eichenauer, Horseheads
Elaine M. Eller, Elmira in memory of Janice Andrew
Retired Officers Association – Elmira Police Department
Jim and Nancy Elston, Elmira
Alice and Bill Erickson, Elmira
Lenore A. Evanosky in memory of Barb Hartman
Richard G. Farnham and Family, Horseheads
Jim M. Fife, Erin in memory of Alfred and Eve Fife, Francis (Dolly) Fife, Jim Fife Jr.
Tom and Marie Finnerty, Elmira
Mary Louise Fisher, Elmira
Anne M. Fitzpatrick, Elmira
James B. Flaws, Painted Post
Judy Ann Frycek, Horseheads
Bill and Bobbi Furnas, Elmira
Thomas W. Gardner, Horseheads
Ron and Pat German, Wellsburg
Bonnie J. Gestwicki, Elmira
Rocco A. Giammichele, Elmira
Nancy Golomb, Corning
Jim and Kathy Graham, Elmira
Joan Granger, Horseheads
Mark and Judy Greven, Pine City in honor of SHS 1969 Classmates
Carolyn and Russell Gridley, Gridley Landscaping, Big Flats
Pauline E. Griswold, Horseheads
Linda Grover, Erin
Mary Guinane, Elmira
Thomas R. Gustafson, Pine City
Mary Rose Hackathorn, Elmira in memory of Daniel and Grace Notertomaso
Elma M. Haddad, Elmira
Stephen and Rebecca Hagar
Cynthia H. Haigh, Elmira
Karen and Steve Hale, Horseheads
Richard and Mary Helen Hall, Horseheads in memory of Michael Hall
Erin Hamilton, Fanwood
Barb and David Harkness, Elmira
Michael Harter, Elmira
Greg and Berneice Haskell, Chemung in memory of the Dailey and Haskell Families
Peter and Janet Haskell, Elmira
John and Mary Ellen Heins, Horseheads
John D. Helfinstine, Big Flats
George and Sharon Hendrix, Elmira
Shirley A. Hillman, Elmira in memory of Delores Phillips
Thomas L. Hoffmann, Horseheads
Ron and Catherine Hollenbeck, Elmira
Richard and Anne Holmes, Pine City
Pat Holmstrom, Horseheads
Ted and Jean F. Horigan, Pine City
Doug, Ann, Alexa and Calvin Houper, Horseheads
Hugh and Linda Hoy, Sarasota in memory of Margaret R Hoy
Frances A. Hubbard, Horseheads
I.B.E.W. Local 139, Elmira
In memory of Bill and Dorothy Skeby By Daughters
Stephen and Cheryl Janeski, Elmira
Gorden and Shelby H. Johnson, in memory of Eleanor and Herbert Johnson
Lonna Johnson-Wales, Elmira in memory of Donald F. Johnson and William B Wales
Victoria and Mark Jones
Nicky Ray Judson, Columbia Cross Roads
Alice M. Kain, Elmira in memory of Martin T Kain
Gerald Kamas, Hagerstown
Kevin and Kelly Kamas, Horseheads
Joyce Kane, Elmira
Mary Kane, Horseheads in memory of Joseph Stachowski
Maddy Kankus, Elmira
David and Kathy Karski, Elmira
Janice M. Keller, Elmira
David and Debora J. Kieffer in memory of Karen Kieffer English
Janet and Bob A. Kimbell, Elmira
Martha H. King, Elmira in memory of Delores L. Phillips
Denise King and Jim Twombly, Elmira
Joe Koczan
Donna J. Koehler, Horseheads in memory of Ernest C Koehler and Martha S Hurd
Joe and Madeline Kosmicki, Elmira
Bob and Marianne Kosty, Horseheads in memory of Carmello and Florence Ruocca; Charles and Catheryn Kosty, Tillie Bercualle
John P. Ksionzyk, Elmira
Kirk Vieselmeyer, PE – KV Engineering, PLLC, Horseheads
Edward and Kimberly P. Lagonegro, Elmira in memory of R Kenneth Connolly
Betty J. Lambert, Elmira
Earl and Gail Lampman
Jeanne M. Larson, Elmira in memory of Mrs. Mary Sullivan and Children
Michael Lavarnway, Elmira
Linda Leonard, Gillett in memory of Joe Leonard
Frank J. Lepa, Horseheads
Lighthouse Liquors and Wines of Southport, Elmira
Linda L. Lintz, Horseheads
Barbara A. Lockner, Elmira
Patricia and Robert Loew, Elmira in memory of Delores Phillips
Mel E. Losito, Olathe KS
Joseph P. Losito and Family, Olathe
William and Judith Maitland, Pine City
Tom and Patty Makovitch, Horseheads in memory of Shirley Makovitch
Lavern Mallacoccio, Elmira
David M. Manning, Elmira
James and Carol Manning, Elmira
Joe and Jackie Manning, Pine City
Tom and Esther Margeit, Horseheads
Marine Corps League, Edward J. Brewer, Detachment, Horseheads
George Martin, Elmira
Jesse and Katanya Martin, Elmira
Carol Masin, Breesport
Marion Mathews, Horseheads
Joyce A. McCann, Elmira
Michael and Tawny McDonald, Pine City
Marda J. McElhaney, Elmira
James and Marjorie McFarland, Big Flats
Mike and Teresa McManus, Elmira
Jim and Jayne H. McMillen, Horseheads in memory of Mollie
Barbara and Kyle McPhillips in memory of Dolores Phillips
Suzanne Mettler, Elmira Heights in memory of Donald Frances Mettler
Beverly Michalko, Horseheads in memory of Stephen Michalko
Joseph and Alyce Michalko, Elmira
Rick Miller, Elmira
Craig R. Milton, Elmira in memory of Barb Hartman
Chuck and Flossie Moffe, Jr, Elmira
Margeret M. Monitello, Pine City
Judith L. Mordue, Elmira in memory of my Giant Schnauzer, Riley
Carol L. Morris, Elmira
Mickey and Fran Morris, Horseheads in memory of our son Mark
Mickey and Fran Morris, Horseheads in memory of Shirley Fervan
David and Hope Morsch and Family, Elmira
Holly L. Mosher, Ithaca in memory of Delores Phillips
Martin and Darcy Mucci in memory of Delores Phillips
Mark A. and Kirsten Mucci and Family, Horseheads
Marilyn Mullaney, Horseheads in memory of Joe Stachowski
Carmen J. Mustico
Denise J. Mustico, Elmira
National Assoc. of Letter Carriers, Branch 17, in memory of Barbara Hartman
Jo Ann Nearing, Troy
Douglas and Carolyn Nelson, Pine City
Network for Good, Southfield
Tim and Pam Newton, Pine City in memory of Ben Newton
Nancy E. Nicastro, Horseheads
Robert and Mary Nickerson, Horseheads
Charles Nicolson
Dick and Sandra Niles, Hammondsport
North Presbyterian Church, Elmira in memory of Hazel Thompson
Melvin and Connie Oakes, Elmira
Jennifer and Patrick O’Brien, Horseheads
Jerry and Louise O’Dell, Pine City
Allen and Martha Oldfield, Horseheads
Susan L. Olthof, Elmira
John and Ann O’Mara, Horseheads
Peter and Jeanne O’Neill, Elmira
Dorothy M. Orme, Pine City
Orthodontic Associates of the Southern Tier, Elmira
Karen, Jim and Jeni Osborn, Elmira
Derek Owen, Horseheads
James and Linda Palmer, Elmira in memory of Rodney Robinson
Parley Coburn Sunshine Fund, Elmira in memory of Dolores Phillips
Balon, Patricia and Thomas, Painted Post in memory of Larry Levenowitz
Beverly J. Pelling, Horseheads
Jeannette Pettibone, Elmira
Klyda K. Pierce, Elmira
Pamela G. Pierri in memory of Delores Phillips
John and Rita Polk, Elmira in memory of Son, Brad
Ronald and Susan Potrzebowski, Horseheads
Frances M. Prunier, Elmira
M.P. Cleary, Inc., Elmira in honor of The Cleary Family and Southside Pudgies Pizza
Robert E. Rafferty, Elmira
Bill and Carol Ann Raplee, Pine City
Ron and Joann Rathbun and Family, Horseheads
Richard V. Reidy, Elmira
Thomas Reidy, Elmira
Jason and Sarah Robinson in memory of Barbara Hartman
Robert Rundell, Horseheads
Thomas and Elaine C. Rupp, Elmira
Patricia and David Sauer, Horseheads
Joseph and Debbie Savino, Pine City
Patrick J. Saxe, Elmira
Gary A. Saxon, Elmira
Jacqueline Scarpi, Pine City
Philip and Stephanie Scherer, Millerton
J. Gregory Schultz, Elmira
Letricia and John Sears in memory of Norma S Sears
Larue M. Seeley, Elmira
Tom and Pat Seem, Big Flats
David J. Sheen, Pine City
Carolee and Larry Sherman, Elmira
Deloris D. Sherwood, Horseheads
Lynn A Silsbee, Elmira
Barbara and Milton Simpson, Horseheads
Jack Sincock, Elmira
Beverly Smith, Elmira Heights
Frances Smith
Gayle M. Smith, Horseheads
Richard Smith, Pine City in memory of wife Lizabeth
Peter Smith and Lynn Perrott, Elmira
Dick and Gladys Sokolowski, Horseheads
Joanne Sonsire, Horseheads
Southport Coin Association, Wellsburg in memory of Donald Vesneske
Dwight and Cheryl Spear, Elmira
Craig and Mary Lou Spencer, Horseheads
Melody Spencer, Horseheads
Joyce Ann Sponyoe in memory of Joseph W Stachowski
Bruce and Donna Sprague, Horseheads in memory of Joe Stachowski
Peggy Steed, Pine City
Priscilla R. Steed, Elmira
Myra and Jerry Stemerman, Boynton Beach
Mary Jane Stickler, Pine City in memory of Steve Stickler
Peggy Streeter, Elmira
Martin J. Strong, Elmira in memory of Amber Tupper, Eternal Butterfly
Martin J. Strong, Elmira in memory of Bob, Marge, and Bobby Strong
Nancy and John Sutton, Horseheads
John and Elizabeth Swanson and Son, Elmira in memory of Dad and Brother George Evans Jr.
James Swarthout, Horseheads in memory of our Parents
Swift Glass Company, Inc., Elmira
Swift Glass Company Employee In-Plant Fund, Elmira
Earlene M. Tanner, Horseheads in memory of Norma Sears
The Thayer Family, Horseheads in memory of Dennis Thayer
The Johnson Family in memory of Barb Hartman
Tom and Beth Tranter, Horseheads
Janet and Joe Trosino, Pine City
Sandra and John Tupper, Breesport in memory of Amber Tupper, our Eternal Butterfly
Annette D. Valentine, Sun City West
Duane and Lois Vanarkel, Pine City
Betty L. Vancuren-Empson, Elmira
Eleanor Vater, Elmira
Rosemary Vert, Elmira in memory of Patrick and Jenny Monahan
Kirk and Barb Vieselmeyer, Horseheads
Vietnam Veterans Of America, Chapter 803, Elmira
Patricia Vlajic, Mansfield
Tim and Marie Vonneida, Elmira
Quartermaster VVA, Chapter 803, Elmira
Linda Waite, Horseheads in memory of Joe Waite
Barbara Watson, Elmira
Bob and Debra Watts, Elmira
Mike and Missy Wayne, Elmira in memory of Joe Stachowski
Karen and Thomas Webb, Pine City
Joann and Bruce Welch, Pine City
Paddy S. Welles, Horseheads
Jeff and Lori Welliver, Sr., Elmira
Dorothy Wenzel, Pine City
West Elmira Volunteer Fire Dept, Elmira
William and Marjorie R. Whalen, Horseheads
Gary and Marianne Wick, Elmira
Diane and Richard Williams, Elmira
Randy and Nancy Williams Family Foundation, Towanda
June Wilson, Elmira
Lynn & George Winner, Elmira
Sheila R. Wolcott, Waverly in memory of Barb Hartman
Joan and Gordon Woodworth, Big Flats
Yunis Realty, Elmira
Peggy Zelko, Horseheads